About Me

Welcome to my dojo Scooter Dojo!  My name is Don Taylor, founder of Scooter Dojo, husband, and father to 3 adorable kids.

Since you’re here you might want to know what is a Scooter Dojo?

Think about a what dojo is to a karate student, it’s a place of immersive and experiential learning. In other words is a place you go to learn but the learning is hands on, you learn while experiencing.

That is exactly what we seek to deliver here on Scooter Dojo! My content approach is a little different from other similar websites, in that we actually work with a variety of content creators to deliver not only my perspective but a wider range of perspective to provide a better review.

Hopefully you’ll become a member of Scooter Dojo by digesting our content, following us on different social platform and signing up to our exclusive email list where we host giveaways, give exclusive discounts, and more!

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