11 Best Balance Bike Brands – The Only Ones Worth Buying!

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This is the Scooter Dojo guide to the best balance bikes and brands.

Balance bikes became ultra popular in the early 2000’s when Strider bikes out them on the map. These days most parents use them for the many advantages they provide over traditional training wheels.

In this guide we’ve put together a complete guide covering the top rated balance bikes on the market, the best brands, and we’ll even show you some of the newest innovations in the segment.

Best Value
gomo balance bike pink

GOMO Balance Bike

best value balance bike

This balance bike has excellent ergonomics allowing kids to ride in seated position with their feet just on the ground enough to propel the bike

With everything going electric these days, it’s only right that even balance bikes are going through this innovation. What’s next flying balance bikes?

Here is a list of the best balance bikes & brands in 2024.

1. Strider Bikes

The top brand on our list is none other than Strider. Strider is single handedly responsible for the popularity of balance bikes in the United States of America . In fact most balance bikes you see being ridden are Strider brand.

What makes Strider our top choice is their quality and attention to detail, they have a winning formula of bright colors, adjustability, and a line of bikes that meet the needs of different kids. First comes the Strider 12″ Classic an entry level bike that is budget friendly.

Strider also delivers the following products a 2-in-1 balance bike/rocker, the Strider 14x which converts into a regular pedal bike, and lastly the 20x which is a classic pedal bike with exceptional ergonomics and geometry one could expect from Strider.

Strider 12″ Classic Balance Bike

The original Strider is the 10x or 10 inch balance bike. This particular model is perfect for younger riders between the ages of x month and x months. With 10” wheels and a frame that sits x” from the ground makes this bike easy to learn on.

One of the complaints some parents have toward buying a balance bike is that they still have to buy a traditional pedal bike later.

Strider listened to the concerns and created the 14x as a direct response.

Strider 14X Balance Bike

The 14x picks up after the 12x and 10x and provides a large frame and the capability to add a pedal assembly.

So now a child can learn the principles of balance and then add on the pedal kit and convert this balance bike into a traditional pedal bike, problem solved!

While Strider bikes aren’t the best balance bikes on the market they are not too far off, they are easily accessible and can be found online and at most brick and mortar stores like Target, Walmart, and Costco. Lastly, the price is right you can find an entry level 12″ Classic bike for under $110. For a detailed Strider bike review check out our review articles.


GOMO is a relatively newer brand but it’s earned its place amongst the top brands in the industry. Currently GOMO brand has a line up of 3 different models.

First and most relative to this guide is the standard GOMO balance bike. We love this bike because it has every feature a young rider could possibly need all bundled up in a sub $80 package.

The GOMO bike features 12″ durable foam wheels, a sturdy steel frame, custom footrest, and comfortable padded seat. Furthermore the GOMO is super lightweight weighing in at less than 8 lbs, making it easy for kids to control and maneuver.

It turns out that GOMO specializes in exciting products that get riders outside moving and exploring just like the good ole days. Their awesome color combinations are eye-catching and kids love them!

GOMO Balance Bike

3. Radio Flyer

Next our the list is Radio Flyer, an iconic brand with deep roots that stretch back to 1917. As a testament to its heritage and significance in the industry, Radio Flyer boasts a large range of products that have been creating smiles and warm memories for children of all ages. While they are most know for their wagons, Radio Flyer also makes balance bikes.

Topping the list in relevance to this guide is the Air Ride Balance Bike by Radio Flyer. This pedal-free beginner bike is tailor-made for young riders, allowing them to focus purely on balance. Priced at an affordable rate, it offers tremendous value, blending quality with accessibility.

Key features of the Air Ride Balance Bike include durable wheels designed for little adventurers, a robust frame built to withstand youthful exuberance, and a comfortable padded seat. With its custom footrest, children can easily glide and run. Plus, the bike is feather-light, weighing in at less than 8 lbs, ensuring that even the smallest riders can easily control and maneuver it. An added charm is the bell, which kids can ring to their heart’s content.

Noteworthy is that Radio Flyer remains a family-owned business, committed to producing quality toys that inspire adventures of childhood fantasy. As a parent you probably owned a Radio Flyer product when you were a kid, this is something you can share with your children.

4. Bixe

The ethos of the BIXE brand is rooted in celebrating childhood as the grand adventure it truly is. The brand resonates with parents by turning the process of learning to ride a bike – into a swift, safe, and memorable experience. The BIXE mission is to assist parents to select the perfect balance bike that will instill confidence in young riders and create cherished memories.

A testament to BIXE’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in the bike’s construction. Featuring a top-grade aluminum frame, their bikes ensure durability while remaining lightweight. What really set’s BIXE apart is that they create bikes that cater to children up to 9 years old, making them a nice choice for all families. Many families that have special needs children love the larger sized 16 inch balance bike from Bixe.

In the world of children’s cycling, BIXE doesn’t just make balance bikes they craft experiences, and instill confidence in every kid that rides on.

For Older Kids
bixe balance bike for older kids

BIXE 16″ Balance Bike

Perfect for kids 6+

BIXE is unique in the balance bike space. While most companies cater to younger kids 18 months and up, Bixe understands that little kids aren’t the only ones who need help learning how to ride a bike. The 16″ bike and larger frame allow kids who are a little late to bike riding get the same learning experience.

5. Chillafish

Chillafish is a Belgium-based company that specializes in creating stylish children’s products, including balance bikes.

They are on a mission to revolutionize how children experience playtime, fostering healthy motor skills development in the process. Their impressive reach, entering over a million households, is a testament to their commitment to creating engaging, sustainable, and downright AWESOME products.

Highlighted in this guide is the Charlie 10 inch balance bike, specifically crafted for kids aged 18 to 48 months, the Charlie is not just a balance bike; it’s a launchpad for young cyclists. By mastering the basics of balance and steering on this ultra lightweight bike, kids naturally transition into regular bicycles.

What sets the Charlie line apart from other brands is its thoughtfully integrated carry handle. Recognizing the bond kids form with their favorite toys, Chillafish has ensured that this balance bike isn’t just fun to ride but also easy to bring along. Take the Chillafish bike to the part, to the airport, wherever your family goes it can come along too.

Chillafish products resonate with both kids and parents. Their mission statement is even a sentence every kid want to hear come from their parents mouth “PLAY LONGER!”

6. Gotrax

The next brand is a little different from the others on this list, Gotrax is at the forefront of redefining personal transportation, by adding electric power to all things that have been traditionally self propelled. Gotrax is committed to not only offering products that are budget-friendly but also forward thinking!

Central to their mission statement is a commitment to the preserving the environment. By introducing eco-friendly alternatives to conventional means of transportation, Gotrax aspires to usher in a new era of wheeled products even for kids!

Really the only reason they are on our list is their Electric Balance Bike for kids. Positioned as a fantastic introduction to the world of electric rides, this bike serves as a bridge between the simplicity of balance bikes and the thrill of dirt bikes. While it retains the core principle of teaching children to balance and steer, a distinct difference from every other bike on this list is the throttle, adding a layer of excitement and also danger the Gotrax electric balance bike is for kids who are ready to graduate from a balance bike.

For Kids 5-8
gotrax electric balance bike

Gotrax Electric Balance Bike

250W Motor /15.5 MPH

The future is here, Gotrax is getting young kids who are ready to graduate from a balance bike to onto an electric bike. The electric balance bike teaches kids to steer and balance just like a traditional balance bike but has a throttle. While we this is super cool, parent should be careful about throwing small kids on a motorize bike!

Gotrax makes it onto our list of the best balance bike brands with an electric balance bike! Make sure to grab your helmets and pads with this one. Gotrax also offers a wide array of electric scooters and e-bikes check them out below.

Complete List of Balance Bike Brands



  • #1 Ranked


  • #2 Ranked
Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer

  • #3 Ranked


  • 4th Ranked


  • 5th Ranked


  • 6th Ranked


  • 7th Ranked


  • 8th Ranked


  • 9th Ranked


  • 10th Ranked


  • 11th Ranked

What to Look for in a Balance Bike Brand?

If you aren’t decided on which balance bike brand you want to go with yet, or you’re thinking of buying from another brand not on our list make sure to check the following boxes.

  • Quality
  • Legitimacy
  • Is it sold in stores?
  • Does it come with a warranty?

Quality Bikes

Always read reviews on the brand, and their products on multiple platforms! Why is this so important because sometimes the truth is somewhere between what you might read on one site and another.

Pro Tip: One thing you might not know about is the review sorting function on websites like amazon.com. If you scroll down into the reviews section you notice buttons with phrases on them. These are phrases that have been commonly mentioned in the reviews. Skimming this area can give you an idea of how good the product actually is.


Some brands are fly by night or even worse factory owned brands who have just ripped off legitimate brands who have put hours of design and testing into their products. Make sure to support the true innovators not dodgy thieves.

Sold in Stores

One way to prove the legitimacy of a balance bike brand it to double check which stores sell the product. Big box retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam Clubs and the like have higher regulations than online marketplaces like Amazon.
Therefore for a product to make it on the shelf of one of these brick and mortar stores you know it’s gone through rigorous testing and QC.

Even though you can shop online for your bike you can always double check to see if the product you’re leaning towards is sold at any retailers.


Any brand worth considering will stand behind their products. So it’s a great idea to double check what warranty is issued with your bike purchase. Industry standard for warranties is usually 30 days money back guarantee.

However, some brands like Strider and GOMO are so confident in their products that they back them for up to 1 year in a limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

If you are one who is concerned with getting your moneys worth leaning towards a brand with a longer warranty might be a good idea.

Best Balance Bikes for 1 year old

Best Balance Bikes for 2 year old

Best Balance Bikes for 3 year old

Best Balance Bikes for 5 year old

Best Balance Bike Brands Summary

best balance bike brands

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best brands for balance bike.

As discussed above there are so many different balance bike brands out there it can be difficult to see through the noise and find a reputable brands that makes great bikes and stands behind them. Remember to check the reviews, check to see if the brand is sold in large retailers, and of course compare the warranty offered.

Hopefully you learned what makes a great balance bike brand, and now when you’re shopping you can easily make a choice that your children will love and quickly learn to ride a bike on.

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