9 Best Kick Scooter Brands – The Only Ones Worth Buying!

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In this article we’ll list the best kick scooter brands.

Kick scooters originated in the 1920’s and since have become a popular form of transportation and recreation for both kids and adults. They provide a fun, efficient, and more exciting way to get around versus walking.

Today they’re numerous brands offering a variety of models suited to different needs and preferences. In this article, We’ve compiled a list of the top kick scooter brands, their brand logos, each brands best scooters, and what makes the brands unique. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, read on to learn which kick scooter brand is the best for you!

Here is the list of the best kick scooter brands in 2023.

best kick scooter brands of 2023

1. Razor

Razor is a well-known brand in the kick scooter industry, and they have been producing high-quality scooters for many years. Their scooters are known for their durability, sleek design, and smooth ride. Razor offers a wide range of scooters suitable for both kids and adults. They make kick scooters for kids, stunt scooters, big wheel kick scooters for teens and adults, as well as electric scooters making them a go-to brand for riders of all ages.

One of Razor’s best kick scooters for adults is the Razor A5 Air Scooter. This scooter features large 8-inch wheels, an adjustable handlebar, and a lightweight aluminum frame. It provides a comfortable and stable ride, making it perfect for commuting or leisurely rides around the neighborhood.

Best Razor Scooters

  1. Razor A6 Adult Kick Scooter
  2. Razor Power Core E100
Razor A6

The Razor A6 is a godsend for taller riders with its specifically designed handlebars reaching a remarkable height of 42″. This scooter showcases Razor’s globally renowned, high-quality construction and anti-rattle technology, providing the comfortable and smooth ride that all riders dream of.

Power Core E100
Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Red)

The Razor E100 provides just the right amount of speed to excite young riders. It utilizes a kick to start, feature enabling kids to experience speeds up to 10 mph (16 km/h). A pneumatic front tire provides ample cushion to smooth out rougher surfaces.

2. Fuzion

Fuzion is another top brand that specializes in kick scooters. They are known for their innovation and commitment to producing high-performing scooters. Fuzion scooters are designed with a focus on durability and versatility, making them a great choice for riders who enjoy performing tricks and stunts.

One of Fuzion’s standout models is the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter. This scooter is specifically designed for riders who want to push their limits and perform advanced tricks. It features a tough aluminum deck, high-speed bearings, and smooth PU wheels, allowing for exceptional performance and control.

Best Fuzion Scooters

  1. Fuzion Z250 SE
  2. Fuzion Z300
Fuzion Z250 SE
fuzion z250se pro scooter (blackred)

For younger kids it doesn’t get better than the FUZION Z250 SE. This stunt scooter empowers beginner riders to perform tricks like pros, thanks to its custom components that include solid 110mm alloy core wheels, quiet responsive nylon brakes, a tough T-6061 aluminum deck.

Fuzion Z300
fuzion z300 pro scooter (aqua)

The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter offers an elite level stunt scooter experience at an affordable price point. For teens and adults this is the perfect choice for beginner to intermediate riders looking to start pro scooter riding. This scooter is built tough featuring solid 110mm alloy core wheels, one-piece fork, and a chromoly steel bar with support gussets for add strength The deck is even ¼” wider than our Z250, to accommodate larger riders.

3. LaScoota

LaScoota is a relatively new player in the kick scooter market but has quickly gained recognition for its high-quality scooters. They prioritize functionality, safety, and style in their designs. LaScoota scooters are known for their sleek aesthetics and attention to detail, making them a popular choice for riders who value both performance and aesthetics.

One of Lasoota’s standout scooters is the [Professional Scooter](https://scooterdojo.com/product/aero-adult-scooter-black/). This scooter is specifically designed for adult riders and offers a smooth and comfortable ride. It features a sturdy aluminum frame, large 8.7-inch wheels, and an adjustable handlebar, allowing riders to find the perfect ergonomics. With its sleek black design, the LaScoota Professional Adult Scooter stands out as a stylish and reliable choice for commuters and recreational riders alike.

Best LaScoota Scooters

  1. LaScoota Professional Adult Scooter
LaScoota Professional
LaScoota Pro Scooter (Dark)

The Professional by LaScoota offers a modern, fun, and rejuvenating ride, ideal for commuting to work and cruising with your kids. What really stands out with this scooter is the LATTA suspension system which effectively reduces vibration when riding. When compared to the Razor A5 this scooter is so much smoother!

4. Mongoose

mongoose scooters logo

Mongoose is a brand that has made a name for itself in the world of extreme sports, including BMX and mountain biking. They have now ventured into the kick scooter market, bringing their expertise and quality craftsmanship to create high-performance scooters. Mongoose scooters are built to withstand the rigors of intense riding and provide a thrilling experience.

A popular model from Mongoose is the Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter. This scooter is designed for riders who love performing tricks and stunts. It features a reinforced aluminum deck, durable wheels, and a T-bar handlebar for enhanced control. Whether you’re hitting the skate park or practicing tricks in your driveway, the Mongoose Rise Freestyle Kick Scooter is a reliable choice.

Best Mongoose Scooters

  1. Mongoose Rise 100 Pro
Rise 100 Pro

The Mongoose Rise 100 pro features a one-piece welded steel T-bar, front and rear pegs, quadruple clamp, and 100mm aluminum wheels to produce a capable stunt scooter. The heavy-duty welds, and size cater to kids ages 8+ who are looking for their first pro scooter.

5. Jetson

Jetson is a brand that prioritizes innovation and sustainability in their scooters. They are known for producing electric scooters, but they also offer a range of kick scooters that cater to different riders. Jetson kick scooters are designed with modern features, sleek designs, and eco-friendly components.

One popular kick scooter from Jetson is the Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter. This scooter is designed for kids and features an adjustable handlebar, LED lights on the deck, and a lightweight frame for easy maneuverability. It provides a smooth and safe ride, making it ideal for young riders who want to have fun while exploring their neighborhood.

Best Jetson Scooters

  1. Jetson Omega Electric Scooter
Jetson Omega
Jetson Echo Electric Scooter (Blue)

The Jetson Omega electric scooter features a beautiful LED light system, allowing kids to ride in style. This scooter isn’t only show, it has some GO as well, a maximum range of 3 miles per battery charge, make it ideal for neighborhood cruising. With top speeds up to 10 mph, the Omega is fast enough but also safe for kids 8 and up.

6. Swagtron

swagtron scooter logo

Swagtron is a brand that focuses on providing affordable yet reliable scooters for riders of all ages. They offer a variety of kick scooters designed with safety and convenience in mind. Swagtron scooters are known for their durable construction, ease of use, and value for money.

One popular model from Swagtron is the Swagtron K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter. This scooter is designed for commuters and urban riders looking for an efficient and comfortable means of transportation. It features a durable frame, large wheels for smooth rides on various surfaces, and an adjustable handlebar to suit different rider heights. With its foldable design, the Swagtron K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter can easily be carried and stored, making it a convenient choice for daily commuting.

Best Swagtron Scooters

  1. Swagtron Swagger 8
Swagtron SG-8 Electric Scooter (Blue)

Swagger-8 from SWAGTRON is an ultra-lightweight, electric scooter designed specifically for kids and teens. This electric aided kick scooter works by integrating an ultra-quiet rear hub motor, that kicks in after the rider kickstarts the scooter. After charging for 3 hours the scooter is good for up to 10 miles distance and speeds of up to 15 mph.

7. Segway

segway scooter logo

Segway is a well-known brand in the personal transportation industry, and they have expanded their product line to include kick scooters. Segway’s kick scooters are designed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. They offer a range of models suitable for different riders, from beginners to advanced riders.

A standout kick scooter from Segway is the Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter. While it is an electric scooter, it features a unique hybrid design that allows riders to switch between electric and manual mode. With its long battery life and impressive speed, the Segway Ninebot MAX is an excellent choice for riders who want a combination of power and convenience.

Best Segway Scooters

  1. Segway Max G30LP
Segway MAX G30LP
Segway Ninebot E2 Electric Scooter (BlackGrey)

The Segway MAX G30LP is a high-performance electric scooter that offers a top speed of 18.6 mph, along with a maximum range of 25 miles on a single charge. It comes standard equipped with 10” pneumatic Tires that boost ride quality making most roads feel smooth as butter.

8. Gotrax

Gotrax is a brand that focuses on creating affordable yet reliable scooters for riders. They offer a range of kick scooters designed for both kids and adults. Gotrax scooters are known for their durability, easy assembly, and value for money.

A popular kick scooter from Gotrax is the Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter. While it is an electric scooter, it features a durable frame, large wheels, and a powerful motor that allows for a smooth and comfortable ride. With its foldable design and long battery life, the Gotrax GXL V2 is an excellent choice for commuters who want a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Best Gotrax Scooters

  1. Gotrax GXL V2
Gotrax GXL V2
Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

The Gotrax GXL V2 stands out as the most reliable electric scooter we tested. It has sufficient battery life, up to 12 miles of travel on each charge. Additionally, the top speed of 15.5 mph, make it a bargain for an electric scooter!

9. Micro

Micro is a brand that specializes in creating high-quality scooters for both kids and adults. They are known for their attention to detail, durability, and smooth ride experience. Micro scooters are designed with precision engineering and innovative features, making them a top choice for riders who value performance and reliability.

One standout kick scooter from Micro is the Micro Kickboard Compact Interchangeable Kick Scooter. This scooter features interchangeable handles so riders of different heights can easily adjust it to their preference. It also has a lightweight frame, large wheels, and a responsive brake system for a smooth and safe ride. The Micro Kickboard Compact Interchangeable Kick Scooter offers versatility and functionality, perfect for riders looking for a dependable and customizable scooter.

Best Micro Scooters

  1. Micro Mini Deluxe 3 Wheel Scooter
Micro Mini Deluxe
micro kickboard 3 wheel scooter

Micro scooters are renowned for their durable scooters. The Mini Deluxe is remarkably strong, capable of holding up to 110 lbs, yet it remains lightweight, making it perfect for young children. The scooter also features an adjustable T-bar that grows with children. This is a top pick for kids ages 2 to 5.

Kick Scooter Brands Guide and FAQS

Are you looking for a garden scooter to help you tend to your yard?

What should you look for in a kick scooter brand?

Complete List Kick Scooter Brands

LogoBrand RankWebsiteAmazon Store
#1 Razor

#1 Razor

  • Razor Website
Razor Store
#2  Fuzion

#2 Fuzion

  • Fuzion Website
Fuzion Store
#3. LaScoota

#3. LaScoota

  • Lascoota Website
LaScoota Store
#4. Mongoose

#4. Mongoose

  • Mongoose Website
Mongoose Store
#5. Jetson

#5. Jetson

  • Jetson Website
Jetson Store
#6. Swagtron

#6. Swagtron

  • Swagtron Website
Swagtron Store
#7. Segway

#7. Segway

  • Segway Website
Segway Store
#8. Gotrax

#8. Gotrax

  • GoTrax Website
Gotrax Store
#9. Micro

#9. Micro

  • Micro Website
Micro Store

Now that you know a little bit about the best kick scooter brands we’ll help you figure out which of these top brands is the best for you or scooter rider you’re shopping for.

Best Brands for Kids

  1. Micro
  2. Jetson
  3. LaScoota

Best Brands for Adults

  1. Razor
  2. Segway
  3. Gotrax
  4. LaScoota

Best Brands for Teens

  1. Fuzion
  2. LaScoota
  3. Gotrax

Best Kick Scooter Brands Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best kick scooter brands for 2023. As we discussed there are so many different scooter brands but only about 9 brands that are worth your money.

Hopefully you learned what makes a great kick scooter brand, and which brands are best in the segment of scooter you’re looking for. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading!

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