5 Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults – Don’t Ignore These Features!

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In this article we’ll show you the best kick scooters for heavy adults.

When thinking of kick scooters most people automatically think of kids playing or riding scooters for recreational use. However, kick scooters are a great option for adults to ride for last mile commuting, or even low impact exercise.

The standard weight limit for kick scooters is usually around 200 Lbs. For this guide we’ll highlight the best scooters on the market today that can support 220 pounds and more!

Here is a list of the best kick scooters for heavy riders in 2023.

Note: This article focuses on leisurely kick scooter, here is our guide on trick scooters for adults


When it comes to kick scooters with insane weight limits the Xootr MG is the king of the hill. This kick scooter is built to support the heaviest of riders over 800 pounds or 363 kgs. “MG” stands for Magnesium because the deck of this kick scooter is made from solid magnesium making it extremely light but equally as durable.

Top Pick

Our #1 pick is the Xootr MG, this kick scooter is rated to carry over 800 pounds. Here are the features that make it unique.
• Magnesium Deck 7.4 “inches ” Wide by 23.4″ long
• Adjustable Handlebars 25″ to 38″ High from Deck
• Rear Foot Brake & Front Caliper Brake

Xootr as a company has been around for 20 years, so you aren’t buying from a fly by night company. What is more they back their products with a lifetime warranty on all major components.

You would think a scooter with these capabilities would have to be heavy, but that isn’t the case at all the Xootr MG weighs in at only 10.9 lbs.

Here is a video of what to expect when unboxing a Xootr Mg scooter.

2. XOOTR Cruz

As mentioned earlier Xootr is the go to brand for kick scooters with high weight capacities. The Xootr Cruz is nice change from the MG as it incorporates a wooden deck made of 9 ply Baltic birch. By using a wooden deck the Xootr Cruz delivers a skateboard like ride.

Runner Up!

Our second selection is also from the brand Xootr, but this time its the Cruz model. Here are the features that make the Xootr Cruz standout!
• Wooden Deck 7.9 “inches ” Wide by 23.6″ long
• Adjustable Handlebars 25″ to 38″ High from Deck
• Overall Weight 11 pounds

Due to the forgivingness of the wooden deck small potholes, bumps, and rough surfaces are much more manageable. Another cool features is that the decks width allows for standing both feet side by side.

3. CityGlide C200

Probably my favorite scooter we reviewed is the CityGlide C200, this a great scooter for people who are around 220 pounds and slightly above. The deck platform is made of high quality aluminum, and feels very sturdy under foot.

Best Value
cityglide c200 scooter kick scooters heavy adults

#3 on our Kick Scooters for heavy adults list is the CityGlide C200. What we love about the CityGlide is its portability. Here are the specs that earned it a spot on this list:
• Aluminum Deck 4.5 “inches ” Wide by 23″ long
• Comfortable carrying strap
• Kickstand & Reflective Hi Vis graphics

The graphics blend so well together making the scooter almost seem professional, visually the CityGlide C200 is much more appealing that the competition. But when it comes to performance it also shines bright.

Large 8 inch wheels featuring an automobile like 10 spoke design and ABEC-7 bearings allow this scooter to fly. It is very fast and very nimble for a kick scooter. Paired perfectly with 17 inch wide handlebars allow the rider to always feel in control.

What we love most about the CityGlide is its portability, it’s the lightest scooter on our list but still feels as robust and strong as the others. A bonus is the cool reflective graphics, which provide added visibility for riding in areas with lots of car traffic.

4. Hudora Scooter for Adults & Teens

Overall the Hudora 230 is a good kick scooter, for heavy adults it would be an option but not my first choice.

Most Well Rounded
hudora kick scooters heavy adults

Next up is the Hudora 230, behind only the Xootr MG this scooter is packed with excellent features. My favorite feature is probably the wide 5.5″ deck.
• Non Slip Deck 5.5 “inches ” Wide by 18.2″ long
• Carrying strap
• Lightweight at 11 pounds

We reviewed it because of its 265lbs weight limit which is actually rated higher than the CityGlide C200 but the Hudora didn’t feel as sturdy. Another problem I found riding this scooter was the placement of the folding mechanism. The folding design is intelligent but too big for the scooters already short riding deck.

My last gripe is the styling, most of the styling is actually great. Until you get to the wheels, which seem cheaply. Upon doing more research it seems the same wheels are actually used on a variety of knockoff brand scooter.

If you can rider the Hudora 230 on sale for a good price I’d say jump on it, but at regular price dollar for dollar the CityGlide C200 is a much better choice.

5. Razor A6

Razor scooters A6 kick scooter it an excellent choice for adults looking for a capable big wheeled ride. We decided to put the the Razor A6 to the test due to the rave reviews we were reading on other websites.

Honorable Mention

Last but not least is the Razor A6, an incredible scooter through and through it’s weigh capacity is limited to only 220 lbs. If the weight is ever upgraded this scooter could easily compete for the #1 spot.
• Extra long Deck 13.4 “inches
• Anti-Rattle Tech
• Extra tall 42″ handlebar extension

Once we got the scooter in hand it outshined most of the competition in regards to built quality, deck size, wheel size, and features like it’s kickstand, and extra tall handlebars. We also love the anti-rattle technology giving the Razor A6 a quiet and smooth ride.

However, this particular list of scooters is based on their ability to handle heavier riders, and while the Razor A6 is a great scooter it’s maximum recommended weight limit is 220 lbs. At the time of testing I weighed 202 lbs and felt completely confident in the A6’s ability to carry me safely.

Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults Compared

Now that you’ve seen an overview of the best kick scooters for heavy adults with high weight limits and a glimpse into each of their unique features. Now, we’ll compare them side by side to help you decide which scooter is right for you!

Comparison Table

Xootr MG9.5

Xootr MGMagnesium Deck

  • 800+ lb. weight limit
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
See Price
Xootr Cruz9.0

Xootr CruzBirch Wood Deck

  • 800+ lb. weight limit
  • Weighs only 11 lbs.
See Price
CityGlide C2008.5

CityGlide C200Most Portable

  • 220+ lb. weight limit
  • Weighs only 9 lbs.
See Price
Hudora 2308.0

Hudora 2305.5″ Wide Deck

  • 265 lb. weight limit
  • Weighs only 12 lbs.
See Price
Razor A68.0

Razor A6254mm wheels

  • 220 lb. weight limit
  • Weighs only 10.93 lbs.
See Price

What should you look for in a kick scooter for heavy rider?

Depending on your specific needs you one scooter might be better for you than another is. Here are the standout features and specs that could ultimately influencer your purchasing decision.

Extra Wide Deck

If you have large wide feet the Xootr MG or Xootr Cruz scooters would be great choices.

If you have big feet then you should opt for a kick scooter with the largest deck size available. In this case you would be looking at the Xootr Mg or the Xootr Cruz. Both options have large decks and they can both carry riders up to 800+ pounds. The only downside to these scooters is the hefty price tag.

The Xootr MG and the Xootr Cruz are priced at $329.00 & 319.00 respectively.

Carry Strap

The CityGlide C200 is the most portable of the scooters we reviewed, it’s the lightest weighing only 9 lbs. and includes a carrying strap

On the other hand if you would prefer a scooter that is ultra portable and light weight yet it can still accommodate riders over 220 pounds then the CityGlide is going to be your best bet.

The CityGlide C200 is by far the best value on our list it retails for only $99.99 but can be found on sale throughout the year for as low at $75.00. So if deck width isn’t a huge need for you and you have decent balance the CityGlide is a great choice!

Scooter With Handbrake

If you are looking specifically for a kick scooter with a handbrake and one that can carry over 300 lbs. then the Xootr MG and Xootr Cruz listed about are great choices. However, if you are on a budget and weight closer to 220 lbs. then the Crazy Skates Foldable Kick Scooter might be a nice option. It features a fast 1 second folding mechanism and a handbrake that slows down the rear wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kick Scooters Good Exercise?

Yes, kick scooter riding is a great low impact workout! The repetitive motion of pushing off with your rear leg while riding a scooter might seem fun, but it doubles as a proficient way to get your days cardio in.

You can also build strength through kick pushing on your kick scooter. It’s been estimated that just a 30 minute ride can burn about 200 calories, that’s more calories burned than walking the same time at a brisk pace.

So why not use a scooter to get your exercise in, it will be much more enjoyable than being stationary on a treadmill.

Is there a scooter that can hold 300 pounds?

Yes! The Xootr Cruz kick scooter can support well over 300 lbs. In fact you could technically support two people of 300 lbs. on the Xootr Cruz! However, although it’s possible we don’t recommend it!

What scooter can hold 400 lbs.?

For a rider of 400 lbs. I would recommend the Xootr MG. The magnesium frame, extra wide deck, aluminum wheels, and pin licked folding mechanism will all work together to support you weight and give you an enjoyable riding experience.

What happens if you are too heavy for a scooter?

If you are too heavy for a scooter and exceed the recommended weight you could be putting yourself at risk to serious injury. It’s important to read the suggested weight limits because the scooters have been tested to that point.

By exceeding the suggested limit, you could be putting too much pressure on the welds, and overall structure of the scooter. Not only that but you would also be putting yourself in danger of a fall due to the scooter failing.

Complete List of Kick Scooter Brands for Heavy Riders

Logo Brand Official Website Amazon Store
cityglide logo


CityGlide Website
CityGlide Store
hudora logo


 Hudora Website
Hudora Store
mongoose logo


Mongoose Website
Mongoose Store
crazy skates logo

Crazy Skates

Crazy Skates Website
CitySkates Store
xootr logo


Xootr Website
Xootr Store
osprey logo


Osprey Website
Osprey Store
razor logo


Razor Website
Razor Store
schwinn logo


Schwinn Website
Schwinn Store

Best Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults Summary

best kick scooters for heavy adults thumbnail

I hope your enjoyed this guide to the best kick scooters for heavy adults.

As you saw, there were 5 kick scooters we recommended for heavier riders up to 600 lbs all based on their specifications, features, and ride quality. We also wrote a nice review on best electric scooters for teenagers

Hopefully the information presented gave you enough information to make an educated buying decision on your next kick scooter. That way you can ride without worrying if your scooter can support your weight or not. Continue to Ride on!

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