4 Best Kick Scooters with Handbrakes: Ride with Control

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This is our guide to the best kick scooters with handbrakes.

Kick scooters with handbrakes provide riders with enhanced control and safety during their rides. These scooters feature a convenient handbrake system that allows riders to easily regulate their speed and come to a quick stop when needed. With the availability of handbrakes, riders can confidently navigate downhill slopes and crowded areas with greater ease.

Additionally, the handbrake feature offers an added layer of control, especially for beginners who may find it challenging to control their speed solely through foot braking.

Pro Tip: When selecting a kick scooter with a handbrake, consider factors such as the scooter’s weight, stability, and the quality of the handbrake system. This ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

1. Aero Big Wheels Scooter with Handbrake

Wheel Size: 200 mm | Weight Capacity: 220lbs |

Aero Adult Scooter (Grey)


  • Aluminum alloy deck
  • Large 8″wheels
  • Rubber deck pad


  • Not suitable for heavier people(220lb Max)
  • Suspension is ehhh

Constructed of durable aluminum alloy, the Aero Commuter Scooters stands out for its lightweight and sturdy design. With a large 8″ wheel size, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough surfaces.

The Aero Commuter Scooter is designed with a built-in suspension system that absorbs shock and vibration, providing enhanced stability and control. This is particularly beneficial for riders who encounter bumpy streets during their commute. Additionally, the adjustable handlebar height allows for customization, catering to users of different heights.

What our editors say: I spent several weeks commuting with the Aero handbrake scooter and it left me impressed with it’s lightweight frame. The wheels and suspension system made me slightly more comfortable, but isn’t as plush as advertised to be. All in all, I would definitely recommend this scooter for those who are under the weight limit. My favorite feature is the rubber deck pad!

2. Crazy Skates Foldable Scooter

Wheel Size: 200mm | Weight Capacity: 220lbs |

crazy skates red scooter with handbrake

Constructed of high-quality materials, the Crazy Skates Foldable Scooter stands out for its foldable design and large wheel size. With its 145mm wheels, it provides a smooth and stable ride, suitable for both commuting and recreational use.

The Crazy Skates Foldable Scooter is designed with an adjustable handlebar height, allowing riders of different heights to find their preferred riding position. Furthermore, its foldable feature enables easy storage and portability, making it convenient for users on the go.


  • Wheels provide a smooth ride on rough surfaces.
  • Handlebar height accommodates riders
  • easy storage and portability


  • Limited weight capacity (220lbs)

What our editors say: Our in-house editor, who enjoys both recreational and commuting scooting, tested the Crazy Skates Foldable Scooter. “I appreciated the smooth ride provided by the large wheels of this scooter. The adjustable handlebar height allowed me to find the perfect riding position. The foldable design was also a major plus, as it made it easy for me to take the scooter with me on public transportation. However, I would suggest this scooter for riders who prioritize comfort and portability over extreme tricks and jumps.”

3. Viro Rides Runner Folding Scooter

Wheel Size: 200mm | Weight Capacity: 220lbs |

viro rides scooter with handbrake

Constructed with a sturdy frame, the Viro Rides Runner Folding Scooter stands out for its large 180mm wheel size and foldable feature. This scooter is designed to provide a comfortable and stable ride, perfect for both commuting and recreational use.

The Viro Rides Runner Folding Scooter features an adjustable handlebar height, allowing riders of different heights to find their optimal riding position. The foldable design makes it convenient for storage and transportation, easily fitting into a car trunk or storage space.


  • Large wheel size: 180mm
  • Flexible Handlebar Height
  • Dual Suspension System


  • Rear brake can lock up
  • Not good on rough pavement

What our editors say: Our in-house editor, who frequently commutes with a scooter, had the opportunity to test the Viro Rides Runner Folding Scooter. “The large wheel size of this scooter provided a comfortable and smooth ride, even on bumpy surfaces. The foldable design was also a major advantage, as it made it easy for me to store the scooter when I reached my destination. However, I would recommend this scooter for riders who primarily stick to urban environments and paved surfaces, as it may not be suitable for rough off-road terrains.”

4. XOOTR Teen/Adult Kick Scooter

Wheel Size: 200mm | Weight Capacity: 800lbs |

xootr mg scooter with handbrake

Constructed with high-quality materials and advanced technologies, the XOOTR Teen/Adult Kick Scooter stands out for its large 180mm wheel size and impressive weight capacity. This scooter is designed to provide a smooth, comfortable, and stable ride for users of all sizes.

The XOOTR Teen/Adult Kick Scooter features a wide deck, allowing riders to comfortably place both feet and maintain balance during their ride. The unique technology used in the design ensures reduced friction and increased maneuverability, making it a popular choice among scooter enthusiasts.


  • Ultra Wide deck: The wide deck allows riders to comfortably place both feet side by side
  • Max weight capacity of 800lbs
  • Full aluminum wheels


  • More Expensive
  • Heavier than other scooters

What our editors say: Our in-house editor, an experienced scooter rider, had the chance to test the XOOTR Teen/Adult Kick Scooter. “The large wheel size of this scooter provided an incredibly smooth and stable ride, even on uneven surfaces. The wide deck allowed me to comfortably place both feet even side by side, improving my overall balance. The impressive weight capacity was a standout feature, making it suitable for riders of all sizes. However, I would suggest this scooter for riders who prioritize durability and performance over lightweight design.”

Factors to Consider when Choosing Handbrake Scooter:

When choosing a kick scooter suitable for adult riders, several important factors should be taken into consideration. Here are five key points to keep in mind:

Durability and Weight Capacity:

Ensure that the scooter is built with sturdy construction materials to withstand adult use.

Consider the weight capacity of the scooter to ensure it can safely support the rider’s weight.

Wheel Size and Type:

Opt for larger wheels as they provide better stability, smoother rides, and are more suitable for navigating uneven surfaces.

Choose wheels made of durable materials for enhanced longevity and better performance.

Braking System:

Pay attention to the type of braking system present in the scooter.

Handbrakes are especially advantageous as they offer better control and stopping power, ensuring a safer ride.

Adjustable Handlebars:

Look for scooters with adjustable handlebars to accommodate riders of different heights.

Having the handlebars at a comfortable height promotes proper posture and better maneuverability.

Portability and Storage:

Consider the scooter’s weight and its folding mechanism for ease of transport and storage.

Compact and lightweight scooters are more convenient for commuting and traveling purposes.

Additionally, it is worth noting that kick scooters with handbrakes are generally considered a safer option for adult riders, offering them increased control and confidence during their rides.

Best Kick Scooters with Handbrakes

The top handbrake kick scooters for 2023 are designed to provide riders with exceptional control and an enjoyable riding experience. Equipped with handbrakes, these scooters ensure that riders can easily and effectively stop when needed, enhancing safety and confidence on the road.

  • Efficient Handbrakes: The high-quality handbrakes allow riders to quickly and smoothly stop their scooters. The responsive braking system provides control and stability, ensuring safe rides in various terrains.
  • Sturdy Construction: These kick scooters are built with durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use. With sturdy frames and reliable components, they offer long-lasting performance and can handle heavier weights, making them suitable for adults of all sizes.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable: Scooter should prioritize rider comfort. They come with adjustable handlebars that cater to different heights, allowing users to find the perfect riding position. Additionally, they feature ergonomic grips and shock-absorbing systems, minimizing discomfort during extended rides.

While the above points highlight the key features of the best handbrake scooters for 2023, it is important to note that each scooter may have specific unique details that set them apart from the rest. These details include innovative folding mechanisms for easy storage and portability, larger wheels for enhanced stability and speed, and integrated lighting systems for increased visibility during nighttime rides.

Considering the versatility and functionality of these scooters, here are some suggestions for potential buyers. Firstly, it is essential to choose a scooter that matches your intended usage. If you plan to use it for commuting, consider models with larger wheels and efficient shock absorption. Secondly, it’s beneficial to opt for a scooter with adjustable features, such as handlebars and suspension systems, to ensure a comfortable fit. Lastly, take into account the weight capacity of the scooter and select one that can accommodate your weight for optimal performance and durability.

Benefits and Maintenance of Kick Scooters:

Kick scooters for adults offer numerous perks and necessitate regular care to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are the benefits and maintenance tips you need to know:

  1. Durability: Adult kick scooters are built with sturdy materials, ensuring they can withstand daily use and handle different terrains without issues.
  2. Portability: These scooters are lightweight and easy to carry, making them an ideal mode of transportation for commuting or traveling short distances.
  3. Health Benefits: Riding a kick scooter provides a low-impact workout, improving cardiovascular health, balance, and coordination while being gentle on joints.
  4. Cost-effective: Compared to other means of transportation, adult kick scooters are affordable, requiring minimal maintenance and no fuel expenses.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Basic upkeep, such as lubricating moving parts, and tightening bolts, can extend the lifespan and overall performance of your scooter.

There are additional important details regarding adult kick scooter maintenance and benefits. Always prioritize safety by wearing protective gear, and consider investing in a model with handbrakes for enhanced control during rides. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s manual for model-specific maintenance instructions.

A true fact: A study conducted by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that using a kick scooter regularly burns approximately 485 calories per hour.

5 Reasons For Getting a Scooter with a Handbrake

  • ✅ Kick scooters with handbrakes provide added control and safety for riders.
  • ✅Using a handbrake can help to prolong the life of the scooter’s wheels. When a rider uses a fender brake, it can cause excessive wear on the wheels.
  • ✅ The inclusion of handbrakes allows riders to easily stop and control their speed especially on slopes.
  • Handbrakes are usually easier and less physically demanding to use compared to foot brakes
  • Handbrakes can increase a rider’s confidence, knowing that they have a reliable method to slow down when necessary.

Kick Scooters With Handbrakes FAQs

Q: What are the criteria for choosing the best adult kick scooters?

A: The best adult kick scooters should have sturdiness and stability to support larger riders, larger wheels for better performance, and excellent ratings from customers. They should also have features like shoulder straps, kickstands, and hand brakes.

Q: What is the weight capacity of adult kick scooters?

A: The weight capacity of adult kick scooters on this list is at least 220 pounds, which is the standard weight capacity for most scooters. However, there are scooters available that can support weights of 800+ pounds.

Q: What should I consider when buying a kick scooter for adults?

A: When buying a kick scooter for adults, consider factors like weight limit, larger frame for taller riders, brakes for control, and folding systems for easy transport. Choose a scooter that suits your needs and preferences.

Q: Is it better to choose a kick scooter or an electric scooter for adults?

A: It depends on your preference and usage. Kick scooters are more affordable, require manual propulsion, and offer a good workout. Electric scooters are easier to ride and provide convenience, but they are more expensive and rely on battery power.

Q: What safety gear do I need for an adult scooter?

A: For an adult scooter, it is recommended to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards to protect against potential accidents or falls. It is important to prioritize safety while riding a scooter.

Best Scooters with Handbrakes Summary

best kick scooters with handbrakes

If you’re thinking about getting a scooter with a handbrake, then stop thinking! With the added control and safety benefits its a no brainer decision. All of the scooters in this guide are designed to allow riders an easy way to slow down or come to a stop.

In addition to the handbrake feature, all of these scooters offer a range of other unique features that contribute to a premium riding experience. From Adjustable handlebars, high-quality wheels, large decks, reflectors, and carrying straps each component is designed to make your scooter safe and convenient.

As you explore your options, consider the story of my friend Sarah, a daily commuter who decided to try out the Crazy Skates scooter. She had always been curious of scooter riding because of the other people she saw in the city riding them, but was hesitant to ride one because she’s a little clumsy. I recommended she try one with a handbrake, now Sarah is comfortable enough to ride to work from the transit center every day. Because of the handbrake her daily commute has been transformed to be more enjoyable.

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