6 Best Pro Scooter Brands: Stunt Scooters Worth Buying

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Freestyle scootering or scooter riding was popularized in the late 90’s to early 2000’s when kids started using their razor scooters to emulate tricks from skateboarding and BMX riding. Fast forward to the 2020’s and pro scooters have evolved into it’s own legit sport with talented riders and excellent brands that have pushed the industry forward through innovation.

Our Top Pick
Envy Prodigy s9 pro scooter (black oil slick)

Envy Scooters Prodigy S9 Pro Scooter

The best pro scooter

This high-performance stunt scooter handles what beginners and experienced riders throw at it effortlessly, much better than many of the others we’ve tested. The Envy Prodigy has everything, and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

In this article we’ve put together a complete guide to the best pro scooter brands currently in market. In our guide we’ve compiled a list of the top pro scooter brands, their brand logos, each brands top riders, their most popular scooter, and what makes the brand great. Keep reading to find out which brand is the best of the best!

Here’s a list of the best pro scooter brands in 2023.

1. Fuzion Pro Scooters

Fuzion is one of the top brands on the pro scooter scene, but it wasn’t always this way. However, Fuzion’s hard work particularly focusing on rebranding and product innovation has resulted in a complete 360 in market position. Once not consider a true pro scooter brand Fuzion is now arguably the #1 brand in the market.

If you visit any skatepark that allows scooter riders it’s almost impossible to NOT see a Fuzion scooter! They are great as designing and producing scooters that deliver the best for the buck. Fuzion’s current product line consists of 7 different complete scooters, the X-3, X-5, Z250SE, Z250, Z300, Z350 and Z350 boxed. These scooter models offer something for all riders and start at about $80 for the Pro X-3 and max out around $230 for the higher end Z350 boxed.

The aftermarket parts line includes decks, wheels, grips, forks, and brakes. Most notable of the aftermarket part is the all new Hunter Frost signature deck that features an awesome abominable snowman graphic.

Fuzion as a brand checks all the boxes, great products, pro scooter parts, solid team of riders, street credibility, and a best in class warranty. Below are their top scooter models.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Their best selling most popular model is the Fuzion X-3, a beginner friendly stunt scooter that targets riders between the ages of 7 and 12 years of age.

It features an air-craft grade aluminum deck measuring 4 inches wide and 19.5 inches in length, high tensile steel handlebars measuring, 21.5 inches tall by 18 inches wide, an IHC compression system, 3D stamp steel work, and 100mm ABS core wheels.

The Pro X-3 is probably the most reviewed stunt scooter in the world, notably it’s also one of the few trick scooters you can walk into your big box store and buy.

Fuzion Z250SE Pro Scooter

Fuzion’s second most popular model is the Fuzion Z250SE, another beginner friendly stunt scooter that targets riders with a little bit of experience under their belt. Overall the Z250 pro scooter does everything that the X-3 does just in more robust and serious manner.

The Fuzion Z250 features a more sleek design and is built with high end components that if bought individually would make the scooter cost almost double! Everything from the bar ends, grips, grip tape, wheels, fork, and deck is all custom. This is really where Fuzion stands out, they don’t use any off the shelf parts but designed every single component to meet the needs of scooter riders everywhere.

Z250 specs include a custom deck with 2 size options either a 4.5 inch wide by 19.5 inch or 4.25 inches by 19.5 inches long. Two different handlebar options either a dip bar or straight T-bar, 100mm wheels or 110mm wheels, and a variety of distinct graphic packages. Overall the Fuzion Z250 pro scooter is the best value available a true custom scooter that can be had for less than $120.

2. Arcade Scooters

arcade logo

Arcade is a more rounded action sports brand that makes stunt scooters, skateboards, and learning tools. After bursting on the stunt scooter scene in 2018, Arcade released their first entry level scooter aimed at beginner riders who wanted a scooter with more BOLD pops of color.

Arcade Action Sports delivers high quality products that meet the needs of young scooter enthusiasts, which makes up the majority of the scootering scene! The Defender’s even come with scooter stands!

Top Pick – ARCADE
arcade defender pro scooter (gold/teal)

ARCADE Defender

For kids the ARCADE defender is an excellent choice and their best scooter. The scooter has incredible components including ABEC-7 bearings, 3D stamped fork, and even included a free scooter stand. This scooter also comes with an extended 2 year warranty.

All of their scooters are elegantly designed and feature premium quality components, upon completing the research for this guide we learn that Arcade is actually under the same umbrella as Fuzion Scooters. Currently Arcade is producing three different stunt scooter models the Rogue, Defender, and Plus Pro.

While the Rogue is more of a kick scooter capable of doing tricks the Defender and Pro Plus are true entry level pro scooters. Overall as a brand Arcade creates scooters with unique designs and excellent quality. Below is our favorite Arcade scooter.

Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

The Plus Pro is our top choice from the Arcade Scooter brand. This model is built for intermediate riders who like riding skateparks but also in the streets.

Everything about the Plus Pro is designed for action it features an extra wide 4.5 inch wide deck built from T-6 grade aluminum, 23 inch wide by 20.5 inch wide dip handlebars with support gussets, 100 mm wheels with aluminum pegs, and IHC compression.

Overall everything about the Arcade Plus Pro Scooter scream expensive but it’s not. We love the Mutant Lava colorway as one of the most attractive scooters on our list. Shop ARCADE scooters

3. Envy

envy scooters logo

Blunt Scooters was started in 2009 in Melbourne Australia back when there was very few stunt scooter brands on the scene. Like most brands the origin story of Blunt started with making aftermarket parts to customize the then complete scooter options.

In 2011 Blunt Scooters adopted the name Envy Scooters for use in the Australian, Asian, American, and Canadian markets. The original name of Blunt Scooter is still used in Europe and the UK. Since becoming a global brand Envy is arguably the #1 pro scooter brand. For a certainty all the other scooter brands watch and learn from Envy.

Envy is most known for their innovative and high quality scooter parts, but also for their Amazing pro team of riders who proudly carry the Envy flag. Envy supports the rider, it’s well know that they have one of if not the largest range of signature parts in which a royalty is paid to the rider who’s name is on the part. The current roster features well know riders like Raymond Warner, Will Scott, Jon Reyes, Flavio Pesenti, Jonathan Perroni, and Ivan Jimenez. Is Envy a good scooter brand? The answer is easy, Yes! Envy is simply the pinnacle of scooter industry.

Envy Prodigy S9 Pro Scooter

The Prodigy is our top choice amongst Envy Scooters for park centric scooter riders there might not be a better scooter for less than $200.

Updated for every calendar year in 2022 the ninth series Prodigy was released. This complete scooter has a 6061-T6 aluminum deck featuring a cut out to remove unnecessary weight and achieve ultimate performance.

Continuing to focus on performance the Series 9 Prodigy has 120mm wheels wrapped in 86a grade polyurethane to reach max speed quickly. Other components included aluminum Reaper bars 24.2 inches tall by 22 inches wide, Diamond aluminum IHC forks, nylon deck inserts, and TPR handgrips. For intermediate riders it’s hard to argue against the Envy Prodigy line.

4. Root Industries

root industries logo

You’ll often find Root Industries scooters mentioned alongside brands like Envy and Fuzion due to their innovative designs and stellar team of riders.

Root Industries is another incredible pro scooter maker, they strive to make complete scooters and components that give riders around the globe a competitive edge.

Ever since Root burst on the scene out of Queensland Australia in 2015 they’ve been making a strong statement on the scootering scene. When it comes to complete scooters Root industries has a line that consists of the Type R, Invictus, Lithium, Air RS, and the Invictus 2. For those who want to customize their pro scooter Root Industries also have a full selection of aftermarket components including wheels, hardware, decks, forks, clamps, grips, grip tape and handlebars.

Top Pick – Root Industries
Root Industries Pro Scooter (Rocket Fuel)

Root Industries Type R

The Type R from Root Industries is the brands best offering. Shown in the oil slick/ rocket fuel finish the scooter not only performs incredibly but looks even better. This pro scooter features 110mm aluminum wheels, forged deck, and chromoly steel handlebars. It’s built to withstand any and all tricks.

The Root Pro team has incredible riders like Clayton Lindley, Matty Ceravolo, and Jamie Addison. So is Root Industries a good scooter brand? Yes, Root Industries delivers excellent value in their complete scooters and are the makers of the unique Honeycore wheels.

Root Industries Type R Scooter

Our favorite scooter by Root Industries is the Type R complete. When designing the Type R root wanted to make something that was geared towards beginner riders who want to progress fast. The end result was powerhouse scooter that can handle anything from street riding, quarter pipes, box jumps, and even rails.

The specs are as follows – a 6061-T6 Aluminum deck measuring 4.8 inches wide by 19. inches long, the deck included nylon inserts in the front and rear. Handlebars are 22.8 inches tall by 21.65 inches wide, for a balanced and controlled feel. Wheel are 110mm classic 8 spoke style that are as smooth as they are fast.

Any rider between the heights of 4’6″ and 5’4″ is going to love the Root Industries Type R scooter! The Type R also comes as a mini pro scooter size.

5. Lucky

lucky scooters logo

Lucky Scooters is one of the original stunt scooter brands. Coming from small beginnings Lucky was started back in 2008 in a garage in Sammamish Washington.

Since it’s inception Lucky has been about supporting scooter riders who are the life blood of the industry. Whether its making high quality parts, sponsoring up and coming talent or helping put on large events Lucky has always been there.

In more recent years the Lucky product line doesn’t seem as innovative as it once was with designs and graphic becoming a little stale. However one of things that no one can take away from Lucky is their eye to scout and prospect for elite level talent.

Top Pick – Lucky
Lucky Tanner Fox Pro Scooter (Analog)

Lucky TFOX Scooter

TFOX pro scooter by Lucky is endorsed and designed by famous scooter rider turned YouTuber Tanner Fox. This scooter is based on the Lucky Prospect but includes tasteful upgrades including chromoly Kink bars, IHC Huracan fork, and 110mm Lunar Hollow Core wheels. This pro scooter is ready for the skatepark right out of the box and comes with a 180 day warranty.

Over the years they are graduated many of the scooter industries most legendary riders. Including the likes of Dakota Schuetz, Cody Flom, Jon Marco Gaydos and even Tanner Fox!

When you dive into the core mission and values of Lucky Scooter they stand out as being different for their commitment to quality, performance but also respect and community.

Lucky Crew Pro Scooter

Our top pick from Lucky is the Crew complete. Specifically designed for riders who are new to stunt scooters the Lucky Crew is strong enough to handle tricks thrown at it by world champion riders.

This freestyle is crafted with only the best materials, the deck from 6062 aircraft grade aluminum, the handle bars from chromoly steel, and wheels 115 mm wrapped in 86a polyurethane.

What we really like about the Crew complete scooter is the fact that it is fully customizable, being that it’s compatible with everything one of Lucky’s aftermarket parts.

6. Mongoose

mongoose scooters logo

Mongoose is a brand mostly known for the bikes that they’ve produced since the mid 1970’s.

In an attempt to expand into new territories Mongoose jumped into the freestyle scooter scene in 2019. Since they started to produce pro scooters we’ve actually seen their scooter improve quite a bit.

The first model that Mongoose released was the Stance Pro scooter that was mainly distributed in major department stores like Target and Toys-R-Us. After seeing the potential of the scooter category Mongoose went on to design a full line of complete stunt scooters. Mongoose’s current line includes the Rise 100, Rise 100 Pro, Rise 100 Elite, Rise 110 Expert, Rise 110 Elite, and Rise 110 Team.

Unlike many of the core pro scooter brands Mongoose doesn’t make any premium components but only makes complete scooters.

Mongoose Rise 100

Our top pick from Mongoose is the Rise 100 simply because its the most affordable option. With all of the other Mongoose completes price tags reaching well over the $120 price point it would make sense to opt for a Fuzion Z250 or an Envy Prodigy.

Nonetheless the Rise 100 features a lightweight alloy deck measuring 4.5 inches wide by 19.5 long, 100mm high impact plastic wheels, and 1-piece welded steel handlebar.

The Rise 100 is a great budget choice for parents not sure if their kids are going to stick to scootering.

Pro Scooter Brands Guide and FAQs

What should you look for in a pro scooter brand?

If you’re just getting started into the pro scooter scene and you have no knowledge of the industry you want to know which brands are solid and trustworthy. Finding the best pro scooter brand is a lot more cloudy than it used to be, in the last 7 years the total of pro scooter brands jumped from about 12 to over 100 brands. What should you be looking for when choosing a pro scooter brand?

Legitimacy/Good Reputation

The very first thing to look for is legitimacy! Are they a fly by night, sketchy, Amazon only brand that’s just slapping their logo on factory direct scooters from china? Or are they a brand that has some sweat equity in the freestyle scootering scene?

A legitimate pro scooter brand should have a team of pro riders, a social media presence, and good reputation around the industry.

Team of Pro Riders

A good pro scooter brand should always have a team of riders. The brands pro riders are who help them develop products, offer feedback and constructive criticism. Professional and amateur riders are a brands life blood for helping the brand adapt and stay relevant making products needed in the market. If the brand you’re considering buying doesn’t have a team look else where because the brand isn’t invest back into the heart and soul of the market, the riders!

Quality Pro Scooters

Of course you have to choose a brand that makes high quality, innovative stunt scooters. How can you find out about the quality before purchase? The first way would be to ask others. Go to your local skatepark, there you will find riders and their parents. Ask them which brand of scooter they ride and why. You’ll get tons of information just speaking to people. Your next option is to just read product reviews online. Amazon will have a ton of reviews on the different model. *Pro Tip: When looking through reviews sort by “most recent” this will help you get a feel for what the current production is like. Since some reviewed might be very old.

Sort reviews by most recent, this will allow you to see the quality of the latest batch production.


If the brand doesn’t offer a warranty then say “bye felicia”. Even though pro scooters are used to jump off of ledges and fly over ramps they should be able to withstand a decent amount of punishment…they were designed to do so! All of the reputable brands offer a warranty that their products will stand up to typical wear and tear for a stated amount of time. Some warranties are as short as 6 months others as long as 2 years.

Complete List Best Pro Scooter Brands

Brand Logo Official Website Amazon Store
Fuzion Pro Scooters fuzion pro scooters logo (1) Fuzionproscooter.com Fuzion Store
Envy Scooters envy scooters logo evnyscooters.com Envy Store
Arcade Scooters arcade logo arcadescooters.com Arcade Store
Root Industries root industries logo rootindustries.com Root Store
Lucky Scooters lucky scooters logo Luckyscooters.com Lucky Store
Mongoose mongoose scooters logo Mongoose.com Mongoose Store
Limit Scooters limit scooters logo limitscooter.com Limit Store
Apollo apollo scooters logo apolloscooters.co Apollo Store
Vokul vokul scooters logo vokulscooter.com Vokul Store

Now that you know a little bit about the best pro scooter brands we’ll help you figure out which of these top brands is the best complete pro scooter for you or scooter rider you’re shopping for.

Best Brands for Younger Riders




Madd Gear

Best Brands for Experienced Riders


Root Industries


Best Brands for Adults



Best Pro Scooter Brands Summary

best pro scooter brands thumbnail (2)

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best brands for pro scooters & scooters parts.

As we discussed there are so many different scooter brands out there it can be difficult to see through the noise and find a reputable brands that makes great scooters no matter your price range.

Hopefully you learned what makes a great pro scooter brand, and now when you’re shopping you can easily make a choice that you or the intended rider will be happy with. Also remember to invest in the proper protective gear when riding complete pro scooters or trampoline scooters, One mistake could result in serious bodily harm.

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