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In this article we’ll discuss the best pro scooters under $100 dollars.

Riding pro scooters has become an increasingly popular activity for kids, teens, and adults alike. Scooter riders can perform various tricks and stunts at skate parks or various objects around the neighborhood ala park benches and ledges.

With so many different stunt scooter options on the market, it’s essential to find the perfect stunt scooter for your needs and budget. In this article, we will explore the best pro scooters under $100, focusing on their features, durability, performance and customer reviews.

Best Pro Scooters Under $100 List

#1. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Stunt Scooters for Beginners
fuzion x3 gold pro scooters under 100

Discover the Fuzion X-3 scooter, perfect for beginners! It boasts a durable design, lightweight build, and smooth ride. Riders love its aircraft-grade aluminum deck and responsive brakes. Get ready to learn in style and master tricks with ease on the pro X-3!

#2. ARCADE Plus Pro Scooter

Top Pick – Trick Scooters
arcade plus pro scooter

2nd on the list, the Arcade Plus Pro Scooter, is a fantastic choice for newer riders with a lean towards mixed skatepark and street riding. It features robust construction, trick pegs, and smooth gliding 100mm wheels, it’s perfect for grinding tricks. Users rave about its styling and insane colors including the “Ultra Lava” graphics shown left.

#3. Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter

Top Pick – Complete Pro Scooter

The Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooter, is honestly the best scooter on this list. However, it fluctuates in price sometimes above $100. Z250SE is perfect for intermediate riders and features a sturdy aluminum deck, and top notch aluminum core wheels. Riders love its high-quality bearings, and smooth headset. Elevate your stunt scooter experience with the impressive Z250 SE!

#4. Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter

Top Pick – Best Stunt Scooter in Gold
fuzion x5 liquid pro scooters under 100

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter is ideal for beginning stunt scooter riders, who already know some tricks but want the lightest possible scooter. The X-5 offers the X-3 does but in a more stylish way. When comparing them side by side a rider will appreciate the Pro X-5 slightly more for its handlebars, more durable aluminum wheels, upgraded graphics package and the option liquid gold finish!

#5. LMT69 Pro Scooter

Top Pick – Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck
LMT 69 pro scooters under 100

Rounding out our top 5 is the Limit Pro Scooter, while the brand is relative new to the space the scooter is great for brand new riders! It boasts a strong deck, and other user-friendly features like classic T-bars. However, the Limit Pro scooter could use some less sterile graphics. Overall, it will get the job done for a beginning rider. Go for the Neochrome finish!

Stunt Scooters for Beginners

Beginner scooter riders can find great value in entry-level stunt scooters, which are designed to be lightweight yet durable so new riders can get the hang of trick scooter riding. Some of the top brands for beginners include Fuzion, Arcade, Madd Gear, and Vokul. These brands offer complete pro scooters with the reinforcements and upgrades necessary to providing a stable and safe riding experience.

Trick Scooters for Intermediate Riders

Intermediate riders require stunt scooters with more advanced features, for example aircraft-grade aluminum decks, threadless headsets, aluminum core wheels and an overall dialed scooter. These components ensure a smooth and safe ride, allowing riders to perform various tricks with ease.

Companies like Fuzion Pro Scooters and Lucky Pro Scooters offer excellent options for intermediate riders looking for the perfect stunt scooter at an affordable price. However, intermediate scooters are normally more than $100.

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The Complete Pro Scooter for Experienced Riders

Experienced scooter riders need a more serious pro stunt scooter that can handle high-speeds and withstand significant wear and tear (see some of the awesome tricks below). Stunt scooters designed for advanced riders feature aluminum/hollow core wheels , PU handlebar grips, and signature graphics for added style.

Checkout the signature graphics on these Fuzion models and those endorsed by professional riders like Raymond Warner. are prime examples of high-quality, affordable scooters for experienced riders. Similar to the intermediate level pro scooters, scooters for experienced riders will be significantly more expensive than those for beginners.

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Choosing the Right Trick Scooter Height and Wheel Size

Scooter handlebar height and wheel size are crucial factors to consider when selecting a pro scooter. For younger riders, a smaller scooter with a lower bar height and smaller wheels around 100mm may be more suitable, while adult riders will likely prefer a taller scooter bars and larger wheels at least 110mm but some might prefer 120mm wheels for added speed and stability. Be sure to research the particular model you’re considering and check its specifications to ensure a comfortable fit.

Getting the Most Stunt Scooter for Your Money

Although higher prices may be associated with top-tier pro scooters, it’s possible to find a great stunt scooter at an affordable price point. If you keep it simple by focusing on the essential features like a nice aluminum deck, and high-quality wheels, you can find a great stunt scooter for under $100 that meets your needs.

Best Pro Scooters Under $100 Summary

best pro scooters under 100

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or experienced rider, there are plenty of fantastic pro scooters available but you might not be able to find one for under $100. By considering factors like handle bar height, wheel size, and keeping an eye on top brands, you can find the perfect stunt scooter for performing tricks in the streets or riding at the skate park.

However, if you are serious about the sport of scootering don’t let slightly higher prices hold you back – explore your options and invest in a pro scooter that offers both quality, affordability, and safety.

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