What are the Best Scooter Decks?

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Scooter decks are a crucial component of any pro or stunt scooter, as they provide the foundation for performing tricks and stunts. The right scooter deck can enhance your riding experience, offering better control, stability, and durability. In this article, we will explore the factors to consider when choosing a scooter deck and discuss some of the best scooter decks available on the market today.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Scooter Deck

Materials and Durability

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a scooter deck is the material it’s made of. Aircraft-grade aluminum is a popular choice among leading brands, has the perfect strength to weight ratio. Higher quality materials contribute to the deck’s durability, ensuring that it can withstand the demands of serious tricks like flairs and double flips.

Deck Size

The size of the scooter deck is another key factor to consider, as it impacts foot space, stability, and control. Larger decks offer more room for foot placement and may be more suitable for experienced riders performing grinds and slides. However, smaller decks are often lighter and more responsive, which can be advantageous for beginners and technical whip tricks.


The weight of the scooter deck plays a significant role in the scooter’s overall performance. Lighter decks make it easier to perform whip tricks and flips, while heavier decks may provide more stability for riding ledges and hand rails. It’s essential to find a deck that offers the right balance between foot space, weight, and durability for your riding style.

Top Scooter Decks

Here are some of the best scooter decks available, along with their prices:

Aztek Scooters Fountain Deck 5.5$99.95
Aztek Siren 6″ Pro Scooter Deck$119.99
Fuzion Entropy 2.0 Boxed Deck179.99
Ethic Pandemonium Deck$199.90

Aztek Scooters Fountain Deck 5.5

The Aztek Fountain Deck 5.5 is a great choice for riders seeking a versatile and affordable scooter deck. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this deck is wide yet lightweight weighing at 3.9 lbs, the Fountain deck offers excellent performance for both beginner and advanced riders. The 5.5-inch width provides ample foot space for stunts and tricks while maintaining a responsive feel.

Aztek Siren 6″ Pro Scooter Deck

The Aztek Siren 6″ Pro Scooter Deck is designed for experienced riders looking for a larger deck with outstanding durability. The 6-inch width offers additional foot space, making it easier to perform advanced technical trick while maintaining control. The high-quality materials and construction ensure that this deck can withstand the demands of aggressive street riding. This deck weighs in at 3.90 lbs making it a beast but still light.


The ROOT INDUSTRIES AIR Deck V2 is a lightweight and high-performance scooter deck suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. Measuring 5.25 wide and 20.5 long, it weighs in at 3.80 lbs. Featuring a sleek design and an innovative weight-saving cutouts, this deck strikes the perfect balance between strength and responsiveness. Its size and shape make it an excellent choice for those who prioritize control in their riding.

Fuzion Entropy 2.0 Boxed Deck

The Fuzion Entropy 2.0 Boxed Deck is an exceptional scooter deck crafted for skilled riders who desire top-notch performance and resilience. Built using high-grade materials, this deck is designed to endure the most challenging stunts and tricks. Its expansive size and cutting-edge design offer unparalleled control and stability, making it a leading choice for pro scooter enthusiasts. The Fuzion entropy is one of the lightest decks on the marketing weighing at only 3.1 lbs.

Ethic Pandemonium Deck

Enter the lightest deck on the market, weighing in at only 2.7 lbs The Ethic Pandemonium Deck is a premium scooter deck designed for experienced riders seeking the ultimate in performance and speed. Constructed from high-quality materials, this deck is built to withstand the most demanding stunts and tricks. The larger size and innovative design provide superior control and stability, making it a top choice for professional riders.

Summary of What are the Best Scooter Decks?

What are the Best Scooter Decks

Selecting the best scooter deck for your needs involves considering factors such as style, size, and weight. By understanding your skill level and riding style, you can choose a deck that will enhance your performance and overall experience. The Aztek Fountain Deck 5.5, Aztek Siren 6″ Pro Scooter Deck, ROOT INDUSTRIES AIR Deck V2, and Ethic Pandemonium Deck are all excellent options, catering to a range of rider skill levels and preferences.

When purchasing a scooter deck, be sure to also consider the compatibility of the deck with other scooter parts, such as wheels, handlebars, and forks. Ensuring proper compatibility will help you create a custom complete scooter that you’ll love riding.

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