5 Best Scooter Luggage & Suitcases for Easier Travel

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This is the Scooter Dojo guide to help you find the best scooter luggage and suitcases.

When it comes to scooter luggage, there a few different factors that are critical to consider before making a purchase. I can tell you from experience that losing a scooter wheel from your sons scooter suitcase is one of the worst airport experiences that can be had!

So it’s essential to choose a high quality scooter suitcase that can accommodate the riders weight, fit enough person items in it’s cargo compartment, and withstand the wear and tear of travel. Keeping these factors in mind we researched and tested a variety of scooter luggage to help you identify the right one for your family.

best scooter luggage for kids travel

Best Scooter Luggage: Top Picks

We know finding the right scooter luggage for your kids can be tough, that’s why we compiled the following list comprised of the absolute best scooter luggage and suitcases.

Air Wheel SE3S Riding Scooter Luggage for Adults


  • Fits perfectly in most overhead luggage bins.
  • TSA approved
  • 8 mph top speed
  • Puncture proof wheels


  • People might get jealous of you suitcase

If you’re an adult who looking to move through the airport easier than you ever have before the Air Wheel SE3S electric scooter suitcase is the travel companion you’re looking for.

This smart suitcase meets all TSA regulations to be considered a carryon, which means it fits in most overheard compartments. It also features a combination lock that is TSA approved for added security of you’re belongings. This is our TOP PICK for so many different reasons it has a powerful 250W motor, puncture proof tires, a footrest, this ride on even included a USB charger to charge your phone while you ride.

When you’re tired of riding your suitcase it easily converts to a traditional pull behind rolling suitcase. It’s lightweight, takes, 2 hours to full charge, and hits top speeds of 8 mph. If you’re looking for electric scooter suitcase this is it!

Air Wheel Scooter luggage Video in Motion

iubest Scooter Suitcase


  • Transformation into either scooter or suitcase maximizes versatility.
  • Considerable storage with organized compartments keeps items secure.
  • Adjustable handle height ensures a comfortable fit for various child statures.


  • Learning curve for steering and braking control may challenge some children.
  • Durability and build quality concerns may arise with frequent use.
  • Limited to children’s use, not suitable for carrying adult-sized belongings.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify airport navigation with your kids, the iubest Scooter Suitcase is a versatile travel companion that offers both fun and functionality.

Navigating through busy airports has never been easier – or more fun. With the iubest Scooter Suitcase, your child gains independence and entertainment while you keep travel stress at bay. One moment it’s a scooter whizzing past terminal windows, and the next, a compact suitcase sliding into an overhead bin.

The space inside is surprisingly ample. You can fit clothes, snacks, and entertainment for your little traveler, with organization made easy by dedicated compartments. Even during a rushed packing session, everything snaps into its place, ready for adventure.

Watching your kid maneuver through crowds with ease will bring a confident smile to your face. The adjustable handle means it grows with them, ensuring several years of use. It’s true, they’ll need to get the hang of the braking system, but once they do, it’s smooth sailing—or rolling—through to your gate.

LaScoota Kids Scooter Suitcase


  • Seamless transition between luggage and scooter features for on-the-go fun
  • LED lights add visibility and a playful element to the design
  • Lightweight build eases the burden of carrying for both kids and parents


  • Some quality concerns with wheels
  • Limited to kids ages 2 to 5 years old

If you’re seeking a combination of fun and utility for your child’s travel experience, the LaScoota Scooter Suitcase is a versatile choice worth considering.

Combining the thrill of a scooter with the practicality of a suitcase, the LaScoota is crafted to keep children entertained while making your airport navigation a breeze. Its foldable nature allows for a quick switch from rolling luggage to ride-on scooter, letting your little one zip through terminals with ease and excitement.

The suitcase boasts LED lights, an instant hit with kids, providing a fun and safe journey through dull airport corridors. As you watch your child scoot alongside, you’ll appreciate the lightness of the unit, knowing it’s built to be managed by young adventurers themselves.

Durability is a prime consideration for any travel gear, and while the LaScoota shines in versatility and ease of use, there have been notes from customers about the longevity of its components after frequent use. Considering that the scooter is targeted at 2 to 5-year-olds, it’s important to weigh the potential growth spurt against its usability span. Moreover, as it serves a dual purpose, the storage capacity may not rival that of a standard kids’ suitcase, which might limit the amount of gear your child can carry.

Micro Scooter Luggage Jr.


  • Transforms from luggage to scooter quickly, offering multiple ways for kids to enjoy it.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Suitable for most travel situations including plane overheard compartments


  • maximum recommended age of 5

Ease your travel woes with the Micro Scooter Luggage Jr., a cleverly designed suitcase that lets your kids glide along effortlessly and carry their gear in style.

Traveling with children often turns into a test of patience, especially with the amount of items they need. Thankfully, the Micro Scooter Luggage Jr. is shaped by practical design and childlike fun, transforming travel into an adventure for kids. The convenience of having your child carry their own essentials removes a considerable burden from your shoulders.

The moment you flick the kickboard down your child is scooting through the airport, filled with glee, navigating the crowds with ease. The lightweight nature of this carry-on ensures it won’t be a hassle, even when your child tires and you end up carrying it. Plus, it’s sufficiently robust to take the knocks and bumps of a child’s play.

Remember to factor in the age limit when considering this scooter luggage for your family. It’s a fantastic travel accessory for little ones but has a recommended upper age limit of 5. For occasional travel and seeing the world through your child’s eyes, the Micro Scooter Luggage Jr. will likely join you on many journeys, ensuring each one starts with a bit of fun.

Flyte Scooter Suitcase


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • hard-shell luggage casing


  • Limited interior cargo space

If you value convenience and fun for your little traveler, the Flyte Scooter Suitcase is a purchase you won’t regret.

Turning hectic airport dashes into enjoyable adventures, the Flyte Scooter Suitcase redefines travel for kids. Its 2-in-1 design not only entertains but also serves a practical purpose. The sturdy shell guards your child’s belongings, while the scooter mechanism provides smooth navigation through crowds. Plus, the novelty of a scooter suitcase combination can make your little ones enthusiastic about participating in the travel process.

Hailing from China, the suitcase boasts a smart lean ‘n’ steer system. It enables safe maneuvering and encourages the development of balance and motor skills in a thrilling format. Safety features like the rear brake and grippy tape make for controlled, stable rides, essential when zipping to your boarding gate.

Despite the convenience, packing can be a puzzle. You’ll have to select your child’s items carefully, maximizing the use of the 25-liter space. However, once you get the hang of it, converting the luggage from suitcase to scooter and back is simple. You’ll appreciate the agility it provides during layovers and long walks to the terminal. The waterproof feature comes in handy, preventing weather from dampening spirits or contents.

Altogether, the Flyte Scooter Suitcase offers a playful, reliable travel companion for your child, endowed with a sense of freedom and responsibility for their own luggage. Its hardy build can withstand the rigors of travel while injecting a bit of joy into the journey.

Kiddie Totes Unicorn Scooter Suitcase


  • Approved for air travel, fitting most overhead bins
  • Engaging design with LED wheels


  • Wheel quality could be better

Your little one will be thrilled with the Kiddie Totes Unicorn Scooter Suitcase – a durable travel companion that doubles as a fun ride.

After zipping through the airport on the Kiddie Totes scooter luggage, it’s safe to say it’s a game-changer for traveling families. The durable exterior really does shrug off the knocks and bumps of transit, and the illuminated wheels seem to put an extra spring into steps—even after a long flight.

Watching a child manage their own suitcase is a joy. The light-up wheels have proven to be a hit, especially during late evening travels, providing that bit of sparkle to their journey. And when it comes to maneuvering, the easy tilt steering has them feeling like they’re gliding rather than pulling a standard suitcase.

There’s an added piece of mind with the flexible interior compartments keeping precious cargo in place. Kids find the tie-down straps easy to use, which is a real help in teaching them how to pack and secure their belongings. As for size, no need to check it in; it fits in the overhead compartment just as promised. Looking for a durable, enjoyable, and practical luggage option for your child? The Kiddie Totes Unicorn Scooter Suitcase strikes a fine balance between fun and functionality.

Buying Guide

Durability and Material

When choosing scooter luggage, prioritize durability. Look for hard-shell cases made of polycarbonate or ABS, ensuring a blend of lightness and strength. Soft cases should have high-denier fabric ratings which correlate with better durability.

Capacity and Size

Measure your items and consider your typical load. A table can clarify the size to capacity ratio:

Dimensions (inches)Capacity (liters)
18 x 14 x 820-30
20 x 16 x 930-40
22 x 18 x 1040-50

Wheel and Handle Functionality

Assess wheel quality; they should be smooth-rolling, durable, and, ideally, replaceable. Handles must retract fully and feel comfortable for maneuverability.


Features like TSA-approved locks afford peace of mind. Also, consider if the luggage offers zippers or clasps and their overall robustness.

Ease of Use

Scooter luggage should seamlessly transition from riding to walking. Test the mounting system for ease and the balance when in scooter mode.

Additional Features

Examine extra components that enhance utility:

  • Compartments: Well-designed sections for organization.
  • Straps and Handles: Should be comfortable and reliable.

Remember to check the luggage’s specifications against airline requirements if you plan to travel by air.

Summary of Best Scooter Luggage

Depending on who the scooter luggage is intended for our recommendation will differ slightly. For kids look for a scooter that has luggage compartment that can hold at least a volume of 2674.1 inches3. This roughly equates to 19″ x 13 x 11, at this size a luggage compartment can carry a few toys, books, and a few articles of clothing that a kid needs.

For adults consider a much larger suitcase compartment maybe something closer to

Best Scooter Luggage for Kids

Best Scooter Luggage for Adults

For more info check out this complete guide to the different types of scooters.

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