The 5 Best Skateparks for Scooters

This is our guide to the Best Skateparks for Scooters

So you want to hit the skatepark, first make sure that you have the right scooter for skatepark riding. When you think of a skatepark the first image that comes to mind might be people Skateboarding… But things have changed to in recent years. Now when rolling up to a skate park you’ll see not only skateboarders, roller blades, BMX riders, and even kick scooter riders! Pro scooter riders have gotten so technical, and go HUGE that they earn their respect amongst the other disciplines.   

Serious riders are always looking for new spots and in this article we explore the top five skateparks that are scooter-friendly. While most skate parks aren’t specifically designed with scooter riders in mind, they all offer the smooth surfaces, bowls, ramps, rails and ledges that scooter riders love.

The Top Skateparks for Scooter Riders

With scootering gaining popularity as an extreme sport, going to new skateparks is apart of progressing as a rider. Just below we highlight the top 5 skateparks that every aspiring pro scooter rider needs to hit up.

#5. Adrenaline Alley – Corby, England

Adrenaline Alley - Corby

Adrenaline Alley, located in Corby, England, is a must-visit destination for scooter riders seeking an exhilarating and adrenaline-fueled experience. As Europe’s largest indoor skatepark, Adrenaline Alley offers a sprawling 120,000 square feet of extreme sports heaven. The park features an extensive range of ramps, bowls, and street-style obstacles, providing endless opportunities for scooter riders to showcase their tricks and push their limits. Adrenaline Alley caters to all levels of riders, from beginners to professionals, with designated areas for every skill level. The park’s state-of-the-art facilities boast smooth surfaces and impeccable maintenance, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable time for everyone.

In addition to the incredible skatepark itself, Adrenaline Alley hosts a variety of scooter events, competitions, and workshops, creating a vibrant and supportive community for riders of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re looking to learn new tricks, improve your skills, or simply drop in for a session, Adrenaline Alley offers an unforgettable scooter experience in the heart of England.

#4. Vans Skatepark, Orange, California

Vans Skatepark, Orange, California

Vans Skatepark in Orange California is a mecca for pro scooter riders seeking a top-notch skatepark experience. With an impressive array of ramps, rails, and bowls, this expansive outdoor park offers something for riders of all skill levels. Vans Skatepark is known for its meticulously designed features, ensuring a smooth and flowing ride for scooters. From street-style obstacles to towering ramps, there are endless opportunities for riders to push their limits and progress their skills. What sets Vans Skatepark apart is its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, attracting a diverse and passionate community of riders. Whether you’re looking to perfect your tricks in the vert ramp or navigate the street section, Vans Skatepark provides a world-class playground for scooter enthusiasts. With its prime location in Orange California, this skatepark offers the ideal setting for scooter riders looking to ride under Cali’s warm sun.

#3. Lake Cunningham Skatepark, California

Lake Cunningham Skatepark, California

Located in San Jose California, Lake Cunningham Skatepark is an absolute paradise for scooter riders. It boasts an impressive size of over 68,000 square feet and is often considered one of the most challenging skateparks in the world. This park is made for going fast with its diverse range of features, including massive ramps, stair sets, and unique full pipe, Lake Cunningham Skatepark unlocks endless possibilities for scooter riders to push the limits of what’s possible on a stunt scooter. 

The park’s signature attraction, the “Big Blue” pool, is a massive concrete bowl that is exhilarating for professional level riders, but it isn’t for amateurs. The park also features a world-class street course with ledges, rails, and banks for riders who prefer more technical tricks. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking a challenge or a beginner looking to learn and improve, Lake Cunningham Skatepark guarantees a good day out.

#2. Clairemont Skate park San Diego

Clairemont Skate park San Diego

Clairemont Skatepark in San Diego is a renowned destination for scooter riders seeking a world class experience. This sprawling park is know for an impressive array of super ramps, quarters, and street section that cater to riders of all skill levels. The park’s layout encourages creativity and progression, allowing riders to push past their boundaries and learn new tricks. 

What sets Clairemont Skatepark apart is that in a world full of concrete parks, Clairemont is mostly a wood surface park. Overall the park is well-maintained the surfaces all have tons of grip, and plenty of room, and is a safe haven for scooter enthusiasts.  This skatepark has probably been shown in more freestyle scooter video edits than any other skatepark!

#1. Venice Beach Skatepark

Venice Beach Skatepark

Venice Beach Skatepark, located in the iconic and vibrant Venice Beach, California, is a must-visit destination for scooter riders. Nestled along the picturesque beachfront, this skatepark offers a unique and captivating experience like no other. With its prime beachside location, riders can enjoy the refreshing ocean breeze and beautiful views while shredding the park’s diverse features.

Venice Beach Skatepark boasts an impressive collection of bowls, catering to riders of more advanced skill levels. Because this park is so popular I would advise getting their early. Also because the park is mostly catered towards skateboards scooter riders should make sure to show skatepark etiquette. 

Pro Tip: When visiting these skateparks, make sure to bring your helmet, protective gear, and of course you’re stunt scooter to ensure your safety and fun. 

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Summary of the Best Skateparks for Scooters

Best Skateparks for Scooters

There you have it, the top 5 most exciting skateparks for scooter riders. If you plan on visiting any of them remember to brush up on your scooter etiquette, never snake anyone especially a skateboarder!  Always wear your safety gear especially your helmet don’t be ashamed of being safe. If you are a beginner don’t push too far past your limits, the parks on this list feature some pretty gnarly obstacles.

Lastly remember that all in all the skatepark is a place to have fun, progress, and meet cool new people!

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