Can You Add Pedals to a Balance Bike?

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Adding Pedals to a Balance Bike: It is Possible? Are you wondering if you can convert your child’s balance bike into a pedal bike? Many parents are seeking ways to enhance their child’s learning experience and make the transition to a regular bike easier. In this article, we will explore whether adding pedals to a balance bike is possible and what options are available to you.

Parents often wonder if its possible to add pedals to their child’s balance bike. The reason being most parents don’t want to buy a balance bike and then shortly thereafter have to buy a pedal bike.

Keep reading as we’ll thoroughly dive into the topic and share with you the best options for adding pedals to your balance bike.

Can you add pedals to a balance bike?

Understanding Balance Bikes

If you’re considering adding pedals to your child’s balance bike, it’s important to first understand what balance bikes are. Balance bikes are designed to teach young children how to balance and coordinate on two wheels. They are pedal-less bicycles that have a lightweight frame and adjustable seat and handlebar heights to accommodate growing children.

Balance bikes come in various sizes and designs, but only a select few can be converted into pedal bikes. These convertible balance bikes typically have a frame that allows for the addition of pedals, sprocket, and chain making them a great investment for parents looking to extend the life of their child’s balance bike.

Since balance bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to traditional training wheels. They offer a more natural and intuitive way for children to learn to ride by mastering balance first.

When it comes to adding pedals, it’s important to realize that not all balance bikes will accept pedals. If you’re interested in adding pedals to your child’s balance bike, make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications and consult with a bike shop to determine whether it’s possible.

Can You Add Pedals to a Balance Bike?

If you’re considering converting your child’s balance bike into a pedal bike, aftermarket kits like the LittleBig bike or Strider 14x can help. These kits come with a new frame, pedals, and a crank, allowing your child to experience pedaling on two wheels.

Alternatively, if you’re unsure about whether to buy a balance bike or a pedal bike, consider purchasing a convertible balance bike like the LittleBig bike or Strider. These bikes can be used as a balance bike and then easily converted to a pedal bike when your child is ready to move on.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to convert your child’s balance bike into a pedal bike, the answer is yes. Whether you can add pedals to a balance bike depends on the specific model you have. Some balance bikes are designed with a frame that allows for the addition of pedals later on. These balance bikes are typically designed with removable pedals, which means you can remove them when your child is learning to balance and then add them back once they are ready to start pedaling.

If your balance bike isn’t designed to accommodate pedals, you may still be able to convert it into a pedal bike with a little modification using aftermarket conversion kits, such as the LittleBig bike or the Strider 14x. These kits typically include a new frame, pedals, and a crank, which attach to your balance bike and transform it into a pedal bike.

If you want to remove the pedals from a pedal bike, it’s also possible to do so. Removing the pedals can be helpful for children who are transitioning from a pedal bike to a balance bike or for younger children who are still learning to balance without the added complication of pedals. Removing the pedals is a straightforward process that usually requires only a few tools.

Whether you’re looking to add pedals to a balance bike or remove them from a pedal bike, it’s important to ensure that the bike is safe and the modifications are properly made. If you’re not sure how to modify your bike or have any concerns, it’s always best to seek advice from a bike shop or professional.

The Transition from Balance Bike to Pedal Bike

Transitioning from a balance bike to a pedal bike is an exciting milestone for your child. After mastering balancing on two wheels, it’s time to introduce the concept of pedaling. When upgrading a balance bike to a pedal bike using the LittleBig bike or Strider 14x kits or buying a pedal bike, there are new skills to learn.

Your child will need to learn how to pedal, use the brakes, and change gears if the bike has them. This may take some practice, so be patient and offer encouragement along the way.

When teaching your child to pedal, remind them to keep their knees close together and to pedal in a circular motion. Encourage your child to practice starting and stopping the bike on their own.

If the pedal bike has gears, teach your child to shift gears appropriately, start by encouraging them to ride in the lowest gear. When your child is ready, show them how to shift into higher gears to keep up with faster riding.

To ride safely, teach your child to use the brakes to stop the bike. Remind them to apply both brakes evenly and without jerking the bike.

Finally, this is also a good time to teach your child about bike maintenance. Show them how to keep the chain lubricated and clean, and how to check the tire pressure.

Remember, every child learns at their own pace, so be patient and enjoy the journey of watching your child master the art of pedaling on their own two wheels.

The Advantages of Starting with a Balance Bike

Why even bother with a balance bike in the first place? Starting your child’s biking journey with a balance bike has many advantages that can benefit their development and confidence in riding.

  • Confidence: Balance bikes teach children how to balance without the use of training wheels or pedals, creating a sense of confidence in their own abilities and motor skills. Most importantly they learn balance which is the hardest part of learning how to ride a bike.
  • Independent Riding: Unlike traditional bikes or bikes with training wheels, balance bikes allow children to ride independently, giving them a sense of freedom during their riding experience. This translates into an easier transition to riding on their own.
  • Lower Ride Height: The lower top tube and ultimately overall frame of a balance bike means your child can place their feet firmly on the ground, giving them a sense of stability and control.

The main advantages of Introducing your child to a balance bike is that it can lead to rapid balance and motor skill development, making the overall experience of learning to ride a pedal more enjoyable for both your and you.

Shopping for a Balance Bike or Conversion Kit

When shopping for a balance bike or a conversion kit, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure you choose the right size for your child. Many balance bikes come in different sizes, so make sure you can find one that fits your child comfortably. Ergonomics are everything when it comes to a balance bike being effective or not.

Next, consider the quality of the components. Look for bikes with sturdy frames and durable wheels. If you’re buying a conversion kit, make sure it includes all the necessary components such as a frame, pedals, and crank. An easy way to make the right decision here is by opting to go with a major brand consider Strider, GOMO, or Little Tikes.

You can find balance bikes and conversion kits at bike shops or online retailers. Here are our top recommended balance bikes that can accept pedals.

Strider 14X

Strider 14X

  • 14″ wheels make this a great bike for taller kids
Little Tikes

Little Tikes

  • 12″ wheels make this an awesome bike for shorter kids

Keep in mind that some links in this article may be affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through these links, we may earn a small commission. However, we only recommend products that we believe in and think you’ll love!

Converting a Balance Bike to a Pedal Bike

How difficult is it to convert the balance bike into the pedal bike? Checkout the following video that demonstrates the entire process from start to finish.

FeaturesLittle Tikes B2PStrider 14x
Wheel Size12″14″
Seat Height14-17″15-22″
Pedal Kit IncludedSold Separately


Can I add pedals to a balance bike?

The possibility of adding pedals to a balance bike depends on the specific model. Some balance bikes are designed with a frame that allows for the addition of pedals later on. These models are specifically designed to convert into a pedal bike once you child has developed enough balance to ride a traditional bike. If you are serious about pedals consider a trike.

How can I convert a balance bike to a pedal bike?

If your balance bike is not designed to accommodate pedals, you may still be able to convert it into a pedal bike with a little modification. There are aftermarket kits available, but it is typically better to opt for a balance bike that is made to add on pedals such as the LittleBig bike or the Strider 14x.

Where can I buy a balance bike or a conversion kit?

Top Pick
Strider 14X Conversion Kit

Strider 14x Pedal Assembly

The Easy-Ride Pedal Kit assembly installs in a matter of minutes, making installation simple and hassle-free. There is only one bolt to screw in and the tool is included.

If you’re looking to buy a balance bike or a conversion kit, many bike shops offer a variety of options to choose from. You can also find a wide selection of balance bikes and conversion kits online. Here is a link to the best options. (This is an affiliate link, which means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through it)

Can You Add Pedals to a Balance Bike Summary

Now that you have learned that it is possible to add pedals to a balance bike, you can make an informed decision on the best course of action for your child. Remember that balance bikes provide an ideal way for children to learn balance and coordination before transitioning to a regular pedal bike.

Whether you decide to convert your balance bike into a pedal bike or choose to introduce a pedal bike separately, it’s essential to not force your child into riding before they are ready. Pushing them too fast can lead to discouragement and ultimately delay them from riding altogether.

Hopefully this guide gave you all the information you needed, and answered all your questions about adding pedals to a balance bike. Thanks for reading, and we hope you found this article informative!

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