Best Cheap Pro Scooters – The Best Bang For Your Buck

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Shopping for pro scooters can be a challenge especially if you have a tight budget. That is why we hand selected the best cheap pro scooters for all riders including beginners, experienced riders, and adults.

Just check below as we have organized the most affordable pro scooters in our shop by segment. If you want to learn more about individual brands please check our best pro scooter brands guide.

For Beginners

Here are the best budget option pro scooters for beginners riders. We highly recommend the Fuzion Z250 for older riders, and the ARCADE Defender for young kids.

Fuzion X-3

Fuzion X-3

  • Entry Level
Fuzion Z250

Fuzion Z250

  • Best Bargain
ARCADE Defender

ARCADE Defender

  • 3D Stamped Neck

Intermediate Riders Under $100

For riders with some experience they need a stunt scooter that can withstand more punishment. Since they’ll be dropping into ramps, doing bar spins, bri-whips, and maybe even flairs. Here are the best scooters available for $100 or less.

Editors Pick
arcade plus pro scooter (black/neochrome)


  • Included Pegs
  • Integrated Bar Supports
  • Aluminum Core Wheels

For Adults Under $200

As adults we often find ourselves buying all the things we couldn’t afford as kids, the same principle applies to pro scooters. A $200 scooter might be too expensive in the mind of a parent but for an adult buying their own scooter the $200 can be considered reasonable. For that reason the “Cheap” scooters for adult riders are a little more expensive.

Top Pick
fuzion z350 boxed pro scooter (white)

Fuzion Z350

  • Great for Adults
  • Boxed Deck
  • Large T-Bar

Under $50

For those on an extremely tight budget finding a stunt scooter for less than fifty bucks is almost impossible. However, at Scooter Dojo we often do the impossible so here are the best scooters for under $50. (These scooters should only be considered for really young riders)

Top Pick – Under $50
cheap pro scooter - pulse performance

Pulse Performance

KR2 Freestyle Scooter

The cheapest pro scooter we’ve seen that can sort of hold up to trick riding is the KR2 by Pulse. This scooter has been on the market for many many years and features 100mm wheels, an aluminum double clamp, and flex fender brake.

Cheap Pro Scooters Summary

buy cheap pro scooters

I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide on cheap pro scooters.

We highlighted the best affordable scooters by segment and by price. We’ve seen how difficult it can be to search the internet to find reputable scooters at the right price points.

Hopefully you found a scooter that fits your budgets and meets your needs. If you didn’t feel free to contact our customer service department here.

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