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Looking for a balance bike to jumpstart your little one’s cycling journey? The Chillafish Bmxie² Lightweight Balance Bike is a fantastic option for kids 2 to 5 years old. This cool blue bike is not only visually appealing but also functional, sporting an integrated footrest and footbrake.

One of the impressive features of this balance bike is the ease of seat adjustment. You won’t need any tools; simply turn, pull, and lock to adjust the seat’s height between 12.6 and 15.3 inches. The Bmxie²’s lightweight frame, with its reinforced plastic construction, makes it easy for young riders to maneuver and slide.

The 12-inch RubberSkin tires are airless, giving the perfect grip without requiring any inflation. Parents will appreciate the two-year warranty for peace of mind. However, being entirely made of plastic and lacking a kickstand, some users have expressed certain concerns about the bike’s durability and storage.

Bottom Line

Top Pick

The Chillafish Bmxie² Lightweight Balance Bike is a fantastic option for introducing your child to the world of cycling.

Its integrated footrest, footbrake, and easy seat adjustment make it perfect for young riders.

Check out the Chillafish Bmxie² on Amazon and get your little one started on their two-wheeled adventure!

Overview of Chillafish Bmxie² Lightweight Balance Bike

The Chillafish Bmxie² is a stylish and maintenance-free lightweight balance bike designed for kids ages 2 to 5 years, making it an excellent choice as a balance bike for everyday riding. It’s perfect for helping your little ones learn to ride a bike by focusing on balance and steering without the need for pedals.

The integrated footrests and footbrake add a fun element to the learning process, allowing for skidding and advanced maneuvers. The seat height is easily adjustable without the need for tools – just turn, pull, and lock. The bike comes in a cool blue color, adding to its appeal.

One of the highlights of the Chillafish Bmxie² is its airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires, providing the perfect grip without the hassle of inflating them. The bike frame, constructed with reinforced plastics and oversized tubing, ensures a sturdy and reliable experience for your child.

While some users have reported challenges with seat adjustment locking at specific points and caution is advised during assembly to avoid stripping screws, the Chillafish Bmxie² overall strikes a great balance (pun intended) between practicality and providing a fun and engaging learning experience. Happy riding!

The Chillafish Bmxie² Key Features

Lightweight Frame and Oversized Tubing

When looking for a balance bike for your little one, you’ll be pleased to find the Chillafish Bmxie² has a lightweight frame that makes it easy for kids aged 2 to 5 years to maneuver. Its plastic construction cuts down on weight without compromising durability, meaning your child can enjoy riding it without getting tired quickly.

Additionally, the Bmxie² features oversized tubing, giving the bike a trendy and sporty look. This design not only adds to the aesthetics but also ensures stability and sturdiness for young riders honing their balance and coordination skills.

On the downside, some users might find the plastic material to be less robust compared to metal frames. However, the trade-off is a lighter bike that’s more suitable for young kids learning to ride.

In conclusion, the Chillafish Bmxie² offers a perfect combination of lightweight frame and oversized tubing, making it an appealing choice for parents looking to introduce their children to the world of cycling.

Integrated Footrest and Footbrake

The Chillafish Bmxie² comes with an integrated footrest and footbrake, making it a top choice for little riders aged 2 to 5 years. The footbrake feature allows your child to learn braking techniques easily, and it also adds fun by enabling them to skid like advanced riders. The integrated footrest is useful for maintaining balance and ensuring a comfortable ride experience.

One thing you’ll appreciate about this balance bike is its easy seat adjustment feature. You can adjust the seat height between 12.6 to 15.3 inches without any tools – just turn, pull, and lock to find the ideal position for your child.

The lightweight frame with oversized tubing is made from reinforced plastic, making the bike easy to ride and maneuver. Airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires provide excellent grip, with no need to worry about inflation.

While the Chillafish Bmxie² boasts impressive features, some users have mentioned occasional issues with the footbrake. Overall, though, it is an excellent balance bike offering both fun and practicality for young riders.

Easy Seat Adjustment

The Chillafish Bmxie² lightweight balance bike makes seat adjustment simple and hassle-free. With an adjustable seat height ranging from 12.6 to 15.3 inches, it is perfect for kids aged 2 to 5. What’s even better is that you don’t need any tools to make these adjustments. All you need to do is turn, pull, and lock the seat to customize the height for your child.

This feature is particularly helpful as your child grows. The easy seat adjustment allows you to quickly change the height, making the bike comfortable and convenient for your child. A comfortable and well-adjusted seat can make a significant difference in the overall experience that your little one has while learning to ride.

However, keep in mind that some users found the seat adjustment mechanism to be a bit difficult to lock in place initially. But once it is locked, the bike offers a great balance and comfortable ride for your child. So, overall, the easy seat adjustment feature of the Chillafish Bmxie² lightweight balance bike makes it an excellent option for growing kids, despite a few possible hiccups in setting it up.

Airless 12-Inch Tires

If you’re considering the Chillafish BMXie² for your little one, you’ll appreciate its airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires. You no longer need to worry about flat tires, as these wheels offer a perfect balance of safety, durability, and performance for kids aged 2 to 5.

RubberSkin tires are designed to give your child a smooth and comfortable ride while mastering balance and steering. As a user, I can confidently say that the airless tires provide excellent traction on various surfaces like roads and sidewalks. Moreover, their plastic and rubber combination ensures they’re built to last, surviving wear and tear from enthusiastic riders.

However, these tires might not be suitable for rough off-road conditions. They’re perfect for young kids just starting with balance bikes, but as they grow older and more adventurous, a bike with standard inflatable tires might be a better fit.

Pros and Cons


The Chillafish Bmxie² is definitely a cool balance bike designed for kids aged 2-5 years old. One notable feature is the integrated footrest and footbrake, which helps young riders in learning braking and enjoying some skids too. The bike’s seat is easily adjustable, ranging from 12.6-15.3 inches, requiring no tools at all – simply turn, pull, and lock.

Its lightweight frame with reinforced plastics and oversized tubing makes riding and sliding seem effortless. Moreover, the airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires offer excellent grip, requiring no inflating.


However, this balance bike comes with a few drawbacks. The seat may not be entirely customizable, as it locks in at specific points. Also, there’s no kickstand included, which could help teach kids not to drop their bikes carelessly.

During assembly, be cautious not to strip the screws, and adjusting the seat height might be a bit difficult initially. Some customers have experienced problems with the front bolt and axle screw, making assembly a challenge.

Furthermore, the entire bike is made of plastic, which might be disappointing for some buyers regarding sturdiness and durability. Lastly, its price on Amazon seems to be significantly higher in comparison to other platforms.

Full Specification

The Chillafish BMXie 2 balance bike is designed for little kids within the age range, providing an excellent introduction to biking. With a lightweight and sturdy construction, it offers an ideal option for youngsters to develop balance and coordination skills before transitioning to a big kid’s bike. The footbrake style, coupled with airless rubberskin tires, ensures a smooth and safe riding experience. The tires are made with a foam core and outer rubber layer, offering great grip while being puncture-proof, making them a favorite among parents and a reliable choice for children who are exploring the world of biking.

Assembly of the BMXie 2 is straightforward, and it comes with an owner’s manual and assembly instructions to guide parents through the process of putting it together. The bike’s adjustable features, such as the seat height, make it suitable for kids of various heights, ensuring that it is small enough for younger riders while still accommodating those who may be a bit shorter. The inclusion of a knob for adjusting the suspension type allows parents to customize the riding experience, setting it to the lowest level for added stability during the initial learning stages. In my opinion, these features contribute to making the Chillafish BMXie 2 a well-rounded and reliable choice for young riders.

Bike TypeBalance Bike, BMX Bike
Age Range2 year old to 5
Wheel Size12 Inches
Suspension TypeFront
Special FeatureLightweight
Included ComponentsStickers, Balance bike, Owner’s manual/Assembly instructions
Brake StyleFootbrake
Item Weight3.6 Kilograms
Model NameBMXie 2
Wheel MaterialPlastic, Rubber
Maximum Weight Recommendation30 Kilograms
Assembly RequiredNo
Item Package Dimensions (L x W x H)29.4 x 12.9 x 7.7 inches
Package Weight5.38 Kilograms
Item Dimensions (L x W x H)31.5 x 17.3 x 18.5 inches
Warranty Description2-year warranty

Customer Reviews

Many users shared their experiences with the Chillafish Bmxie² balance bike for kids aged 2 to 5 years. They were mostly positive about its easy assembly and adaptability for different heights. The vibrant design made their children happy and quickly caught the attention of other parents.

However, a few mentioned certain drawbacks like the seat being less customizable than advertised and a lack of kickstand. Some customers also experienced difficulties while assembling, like risking stripped screws and the front bolt issue that hindered the front wheel attachment. Please be extra cautious during assembly.

Despite being made out of plastic, most users found the bike to be durable, with one parent mentioning their bike survived being run over by a car. Although a few customers felt the product was quite overpriced, overall, the Chillafish Bmxie² balance bike has been well-received by many parents with children quickly learning to balance themselves.

Chillafish Balance Bike Review Summary

After recently testing the Chillafish bmxie balance bike, we discovered that it’s an outstanding lightweight balance bike for kids aged 2 to 5 years. One standout feature is the integrated footrest and footbrake, which makes learning to brake much easier and adds some fun for advanced riders who enjoy skidding.

The seat adjustment system is convenient, as it doesn’t require any tools. Just turn, pull, and lock to find the right height for your child, anywhere between 12.6-15.3 inches. However, keep in mind that the seat has predetermined locking points and may not be entirely customizable.

We were impressed by the bike’s lightweight frame, featuring oversized tubing made from reinforced plastics. This design makes riding and sliding incredibly easy. The airless 12-inch RubberSkin tires offer excellent grip and require no inflation.

Despite its many benefits, some users have reported issues with assembly, particularly regarding stripped screws. Additionally, the bike lacks a kickstand, which could be helpful in teaching kids not to drop it.

 The Chillafish Bmxie² is an excellent choice for beginner riders, offering an eye-catching design and unique features that help children build balance skills.

Chillafish Balance Bike Review
Chillafish Balance Bike Review
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