Is Scootering an Extreme Sport?

In this article we’ll answer the question: Is scootering an extreme sport?

In the early days of kick scooters, they were often seen as just a kids’ toy, but over the last few years the leisurely kick scooter has turned into a multi-million dollar industry of custom “pro” scooters capable of performing huge tricks over any obstacle found in a skatepark, to hand rails, and even on mega ramps!

Scootering is definitely a hobby that has evolved into an extreme sport for millennials and younger generations. The original Razor kick scooter from the early 2000’s paved the way for a newer generation of scooter riders who modified their Razors, into an eventual development of the first true stunt scooters, trick scooters, and pro scooters designed specifically for skatepark and street riding.

The Emergence of Freestyle Scootering

Skate Parks and Street Jams

As stunt scootering gained popularity, scooter riders began to organize events, flocking to local skate parks and street jams across the globe, to show off the progression of scooter riding. Skate park owners initially had a steep learning curve as they rushed to accommodate the unique needs of scooter riders, specifically blocking time for scooter only sessions.

Tricks and Competitions

Many scooter riders like R Willy, Dakota Schuetz, Tanner Fox, and Raymond Warner have created and mastered impressive tricks, inspired by skateboarding and BMX. Tricks win prize money in local and international competitions, such as the International Scooter Association and International Scooter Federation events, drawing even more scooter riders to the sport.

The Rise of Professional Scootering

Prominent Scooter Riders

As mentioned above some of the most well known scooter riders, like Tanner Fox, Raymond Warner, and Dakota Schuetz made a name for themselves in the sport and then went on to launch massive YouTube channels, websites, and rider owned scooter brands.

Custom Scooters and Brands

As the sport of scooter riding grew, we’ve seen once prominent scooter manufacturers like Razor, fall by the way side and other brands like Envy and Fuzion start to rise in popularity by producing stunt scooters with specialized decks, wheels, and other components to help riders perform better in competitions and ultimately push progression of what is possible on a scooter.

National and International Tours

To drive awareness to the sport of Scootering and attract new eyes, many brands will sponsor riders and fund national and international tours. These tours allow riders to see the world while showcasing their skills and interact with fans everywhere. Most of the times these tours will align with competition schedules. As the sport becomes more mainstream, it continues to attract younger kids who aspire to become the next Ryan Williams.

Scootering as an Extreme Sport

Olympic Recognition

Although scootering is not yet an Olympic sport, it shares a similar origin story as other extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX biking. The International Olympic Committee has recognized the scootering growth, and it may be included in future Olympic games.

The Scooter Community

The scooter community is a driving force behind the sport’s growing popularity. Riders gather at skate parks and street jams, where they can perform tricks, participate in competitions, and share their passion for scootering. The internet and YouTube specifically has played a crucial role in connecting riders and helping grow the sport. For example websites likes offer everything from scooter reviews, buying guides, online tutorials and even lists of the best skate parks.

The Razor Evolution to Infinity

The Razor craze of the early 2000s laid the foundation for scootering’s emergence as an extreme sport. Since then, the sport has evolved rapidly, with more advanced scooter designs and even more advanced tricks. Riders today push the limits of what is possible on the stunt scooter as we know it today.

Is Scootering an Extreme Sport Summary

is scootering an extreme sport

Although, it’s still a relatively young sport, pro scootering has already shown amazing potential to one day reach the same heights as skateboarding and BMX. With a growing community of dedicated riders, a thriving competitive scene, and the possibility of future Olympic inclusion, scootering’s future is looking brighter than ever!

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