Why are pro scooters so expensive?

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In this article we’ll answer the question Why are pro scooters so expensive?

Here is the answer: Pro scooters are designed to cater to the needs of professional riders who perform stunts and tricks. While you might be used to kick scooters being $20 or $30 a pro scooter is different because they use quality materials, have special features, and they require special research development and testing to be safe. All of these factors contribute to a more hefty price tag.

Keep reading as we will discuss in more detail why pro scooters are so expensive.

Quality of Materials

One of the main reasons why pro scooters are more expensive than the traditional kick scooter are the materials used to manufacture them. Unlike regular scooters, pro scooters are built to withstand the abuse that professional riders subject them to. Therefore, they are constructed using high-quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum, chromoly steel, and titanium. These materials are lightweight, durable, but also expensive to manufacture.

Special Components

Another reason why pro scooters are expensive is because of the parts and components they come with. Since pro scooters are designed to be capable of specific tricks, they have unique parts that allow them to do so, such as:

– Longer, wider decks that can have intricate processes to make
– Oversized wheels and bearings for increased speed and smoothness
– Threadless forks and compression systems for better control and mobility
– Reinforced deck with TIG welds for increased durability and strength
– Comfort grips and bar ends
– Nylon/Steel flex brakes for improved quiet stopping

All of these features and components are specifically designed to enhance performance and ensure that the rider can execute stunts and tricks with ease.

Research and Development

Research and development play a significant role in the pricing of pro scooters. Companies that manufacture pro scooters invest a lot of time and money in research, development, and testing to come up with new and innovative designs. In a sport that’s all about progression brands have to keep up with the demands of riders. There are also hidden costs in custom molds to execute some of the highly detailed designs.

Limited Production

Pro scooters are not mass-produced like regular scooters. Instead, they are produced in limited batches to maintain quality control and ensure that each scooter meets the highest standards. Limited production means that companies have to charge a premium price to cover their production costs and cover expenses.

Brand Names

Finally, the brand name plays a significant role in the pricing of pro scooters. Top brands such as Envy, Fuzion, and Lucky have established themselves as the leaders in the industry, and their products come with a premium price tag. However, these brands have earned their reputation by producing high-quality, innovative, and reliable products that meet the needs of professional riders.

Why are Pro Scooters So Expensive Summary

To sum it all up, pro scooters are expensive due to the higher quality materials, features, research/development, small production runs, and brand names.

While the higher price tag compared to the traditional kick scooter may seem high, it’s essential to remember that pro scooters are designed to withstand the abuse of trick riding. Paying a little bit more and investing in a high-quality scooter will ensure that you have a safe and reliable ride that will last.

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